120 Volt Meter

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To simplify the ordering process, we have bundled together our individual products into a complete package for your 120V 2-wire (1 hot and 1 neutral) electrical system.

The products are separated into two categories: Required and Recommended. 1x EKM Omnimeter: These are our universal kWh meters that are capable of accurately and reliably metering nearly any electrical system.

They are perfect for your 120 Volt 2-Wire electrical system. 1x Current Transformer: The Current Transformer (CT) is the little donut shaped device that goes around the hot wire being read. For a 120V system, the meter will not function properly without one of these. Which CT is right for you will be determined by the diameter of your wire and the amperage of your electrical system.

1x EKM Push3: This is the communication gateway that sends your meter data to the cloud.

It works by simply connecting it to your meter(s) and internet router. The device will instantly begin to send your meter data to the cloud. There is no setup or network configuration needed (plug and play).

1x Meter Enclosure: If you aren't mounting your meter in an existing panel or breaker box, we recommend you mount it in one of our enclosures. 1x USB Adapter: This little adapter allows you to connect your meter directly to a computer.

This is an optional connection that may not be necessary depending on your needs but it will allow you to read your meter directly with the EKM Dash, change meter settings, etc.