120v Kwh Meter

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Also fantastic that it will measure 120 on either one or multiple circuits (uses an inductance monitor).Four stars instead of five only because of the form factor. This thing will not fit into a normal electric box. Plus, the exposed conductive screw-type contacts mean it definitely does need a box. And the only box that fits it well is the company's custom box - which happens to cost as much as the meter, and more importantly is rather bulky/unattractive. These guys could have easily built a unit that was sized to fit a standard electrical box, and just sold a custom faceplate - instead they opted for a custom design and super-spendy custom enclosure. Also, it mounts to DIN rail, which is standard in industry but hard to find in stores like Home Depot.Overall, this is a great meter, and the wiring is easy. It's also MUCH cheaper that the other meters out their, and works on 120 (!!). But make sure you have a plan - and all the specific parts - for your install, because you won't be able to run to your local and find a box to fit it, or a rail to mount it on. For 10 AWG it is a snap to install as shown in picture. Before energizing the breaker of course and using the little inserts you run the hot wires through and tighten the little screws in box to penetrate the insulation.