120v Power Meter

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The OMM-6810B-120V is the only power meter capable of measuring the optical power and wavelength of semiconductor lasers including short wavelength lasers, high power pumps, and fiber lasers. A variety of measurement heads cover wavelength ranges from 350 to 1650 nm for power only or power and wavelength measurement. This version is designed for a 120 VAC power source. Wide Variety of Measurement Heads. The OMM-6810B Optical Multimeter coupled with the OMH-6700B Series Optical Measurement Heads, provide the flexibility to easily and accurately measure the optical power of short wavelength lasers, higher power pump, and fiber laser diodes. Power only heads offer the capability of measuring power only from laser diode sources while capitalizing on the wide dynamic range of semiconductor detectors. The fiber optic heads ensure high sensitivity, high stability, and low noise power measurements by temperature controlling the detectors. Power and Wavelength heads on the other hand, have the unique capability to "self-calibrate" the wavelength dependent response of the detector.

This allows the OMM 6810B with one of the power/waveheads to act like a spectrally flat thermal detector.