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Built with TypeScript by Google developers, Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework designed for building front-end applications.

Tutorial #1

Angular 2+ is a successor to Angular.js, rewritten from scratch using TypeScript instead of JavaScript, which helped avoid many issues related to JavaScript and ensures following best practices and integrations with IDEs thanks to static typing and the class-based oriented object features of TypeScript. Angular is not just a framework but an entire platform packed with features that make front-end web and mobile development more manageable.

State of View Engine

Tutorial #0

Also, thanks to projects by the community, you can build native apps for mobile (Ionic and NativeScript) and desktop (Electron) devices.

Angular is like other modern JavaScript libraries, such as React and Vue.js, and uses many shared concepts.
While React is more popular among web developers worldwide, Angular is suitable for enterprise apps.
This article covers some of the best practices that developers should follow when building Angular applications.

The first thing that you should consider when developing your web application is development tooling.

Changes to the Angular Package Format (APF)

These days, we have modern tools that make front-end web development more straightforward.

Tutorial #2

Component API updates




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