240 Volt Electric Meters

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To simplify the ordering process, we have grouped together our individual products into a complete package for your 120/240V 3-wire (2 hot and 1 neutral) electrical system. A 120/240 system is the standard residential electrical system in North America. We have separated the products two categories for your convenience: Required and Recommended.

How to Set Up and Order a Metering Package:

Required Items for a 120/240 Volt Metering System:

1x EKM Omnimeter: These are our Universal Electric Submeters that are capable of accurately and reliably metering any electrical system. They are perfect for your 120/240 Volt 3-Wire electrical system.

2x Current Transformers: The Current Transformers (CTs) are the little donut shaped devices that go around the hot wires being read. For a 120/240V system, the meter will not function properly without TWO of these. We have a variety of CTs available. The best CT for you can determined by the diameter of your wire (including the insulation) and the maximum amperage of your electrical system.

Recommended Items for a 120/240 Volt Metering System:

1x EKM Push3: This is the communication device that sends your meter data to the cloud. It works by simply connecting it to your meter(s) and internet router. The device will instantly begin to send your meter data to the cloud. The is no setup or configuration needed. This is by far the easiest way to see and analyze your meter data. The Push3 gateway comes with your own account and FREE access to your data.

1x EKM Dash: This is our software interface for your meter and Push data. It will allow you to monitor and store your submeter data on your own computer. You can change meter settings, schedule alerts and emails, export to .CSV files, and more, from within the EKM Dash. This software can be used with an unlimited number of meters. No monthly or annual fees.

1x Meter Enclosure: If you aren't mounting your meter in an existing panel or breaker box using DIN Rail, we recommend you place it in one of our enclosures.

1x USB Adapter: This little adapter allows you to connect your meter directly to a computer. This is an optional connection that may not be necessary depending on your needs but it will allow you to read your meter directly with the EKM Dash, change meter settings, etc. Most computers have a USB connection.

2x Fuse Holders w/ 1A Fuses: The fuse holder is mounted inline on the hot wire that taps into the main hot line and runs to your meter. We recommend the fuse holder, as this offers additional protection to the meter.

50ft Cat5 Cable: This wire sheath contains four twisted pairs of wire and disturbance shielding. You only need to use one of the twisted pair wires for the meter(s) to EKM Push communications. If you have multiple Omnimeters, you can daisy chain them all together and connect the entire string to the EKM Push.

2x 485Bee Zigbee radio Nodes: Install one on the meter, or string of meters, and one on the EKM Push or USB Converter, in order to establish a wireless connection between the meter(s) and the communication device. Additional 485Bee nodes can be added to strengthen the mesh network.

1x 12V DC Power Supply: This can be used to power the 485Bee radio. Keep in mind that the EKM Push gateway comes with one of these so you may be able to make use of that one with a splitter in some case.

1x 12V DC splitter: Allows you to use a single 12V DC power supply to power two devices, like the EKM Push and 485Bee.

3x Piercing Connectors: The Insulation Piercing Connectors allow you to easily tap your voltage reference wires into the main lines you are metering. You will need 3 of these for a 120/240 volt system (2 for the hots and 1 for the neutral)

1x Ethernet Cable: If You are planning to use the Push3 system, you will need an Ethernet cable to connect the Push3 gateway to your internet router, if you are not planning to connect via WiFi.

Sticker Label Sheet: Will allow you to clearly label the CTs and all electrical, CT and communications wires.

Additional items you may need from your local electrical supplier:

3x Wires (16-18 AWG): These are to tap into your hots and neutral lines to give the meter a voltage reference and to power the meter.

Customize your metering package by choosing your products from the drop-down lists and check boxes above. If you would like to order additional products that aren't available in this package, please select them from the appropriate category of the Products Menu.

For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.

The Omnimeter in conjunction with the EKM Push system provide rich real-time and historical data. The Widgets below provide a couple examples for how you can view your data.

How to install an Omnimeter (it is a v.4 Omnimeter in this case but v.3 Omnimeters are installed in a similar way):