3d Jungle Wallpaper

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Enter the jungle and get lost among the dense leaves and foliage with our huge range of jungle and jungle-themed wallpaper. To achieve an on-trend look, choose our Pink Jungle wallpaper. Huge monstera leaves and other jungle plant species are the focus of this wallpaper, with the rich green of the leaves contrasting against the bubblegum pink of the background.

This palm lead wallpaper would work well in any room: an office, a young girl’s or teenagers bedroom or a hair salon! Quirky and cute, our fun and fabulous Jungle Print Flamingo will have you right in the middle of the tropical rainforest.

The soft pinks of the flamingoes pairs perfectly with the blacks and greens of the jungle background.

This printed jungle wallpaper will add character and personality to any space, whether your bedroom or living room.

Love tropical wallpaper? Then our palm tree wallpapers don’t come much cooler than this.