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License: Trial version. Downloads: 6.3k. Compatible: Windows. If you want to get 3DS Max free legally without breaking the USA law, make sure to read this article till the end. I will tell you how to use licensed 3D animation software and why it’s important to avoid downloading pirated copies.

You will also learn a lot about the best alternatives to 3DS Max that can be used to add animations and other visual elements to create stunning games.

Creates compositions . Large library of architectural materials. Easy-to-adjust visualization effects. Hair, grass, fur modifiers, etc. allow creating close-to-life visualizations. Alembic format support. Extensive library of special effects.

How to Download and Install 3ds Max on Your PC for Free

  • Do I need to register to get access to the trial version? No, there is no need as it is not one of the requirements.
  • To download the free Max software, you just need to visit an official website and press the Download Free Trial button in the top right corner.
  • When you install the program on your laptop or PC, you can use the trial version for 30 days starting from the first time to invoke this software.
  • Does the free trial version come with a full array of features which the licensed version has?
  • Yes, you will be able to try every function available in the full version to weigh your decision carefully.
  • For instance, the 3DS Max free allows for spline modeling, editing a Chamfer, using Data Channel Modifier to perform complex modeling tasks.
  • It also has many other features and can be used as an alternative to free architectural design software.
  • How much does the full licensed version cost?
  • As for now, one can legally purchase 3DS Max by choosing one of three options available. You can buy a license for one month by paying $205, pay $1620 for one year, or get access for three years after paying $4375.
  • Will I be able to run the trial version on both macOS and Windows?

Software details

No, unfortunately, this software runs only on Windows 7 or higher. Is it possible to create animated characters? Yes, with the help of 3DS Max free, you can work on procedural animation and control large groups of characters. There is also the Humanoid walk option enabling one to animate a character, who walks on two legs.

3DS Max Benefits

It is also possible to animate crowds of characters with little to no effort. Some people are not too keen on paying for a licensed version of this software. They are either trying to find a pirated copy or start breaking the law by hacking the program product they need to use.

  • If you are using pirated free 3DS Max, you are bound to face inevitable bugs.
  • Brace yourself for malfunction of your operating system as well.
  • What’s more, by downloading illegal Adobe Animate alternative, you break the copyright law.