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Windows Movie Maker is free software that comes in handy for all the film and computer lovers out there. This is a fully featured Paint-like application, that when opened can be used to create movies. Now you too can create 3D movies all by your self, ! The amazing feature of this software is that you are able to create a 3D movie with only a single source file and two files. Free Windows Movie Maker is also very easy to use.

Part 1. Best 3D Movie Maker Overall

To start you need to download windows movie maker from the net, this software comes with various features including, windows movie maker templates, skins and stickers, animage editing tools, text tools, brushes and many more. After downloading you need to install the software and the user interface of Free Windows Movie Maker is very basic with only some icons and commands. Once installed the software will prompt you to select a video clip or movie file from your hard drive and then you need to choose the settings from the preferences.

  • The interface is fairly good with simple text commands. You can add text, photos and audio clips to your movie easily.
  • The windows movie maker will then save the file and you will be prompted to insert the video file or movie file of your choice.
  • The video maker is good for those who want to make short movies that they can share with friends. However there are certain things that you need to consider before trying this software.
  • For one you need to try the trial version first so that you are aware of any problems that might arise while using the software.

If you find any problem then you need to either return the product or try another software that offers a money back guarantee.

Step 1Click on the Toolbox tab on the top side of the main screen, in the options below, you will see the 3D Maker option on the lower left side. Click on the button to proceed.

Step 2You have started up the 3D Maker feature, click on the Add a video to 3D Maker button in the middle of the screen, a dialog will pop up, select the desired video you want to convert to a 3D Movie.

Step 3After your video has been imported, you would be able to tweak the parameters of your video.

On the top side of the screen, a preview will be available for you to monitor the changes of your video after effects, giving you a glance at the final product.

If you wish to change the anaglyph of your video, click on the Anaglyph Menu on the lower left side to turn on the switch.

If you wish to create a split-screen 3D movie, click on the Split Screen menu for available options.

Click on the Format option on the lower right side, you would be able to select the desired format you want to export.

Click on the Quality menu to change the quality of your output video.

Step 4After finishing tweaking your 3D movie, select the Save to option on the bottom of the screen to choose the path folder you want to save your video to. Click on the Generate 3D button on the lower right corner to complete rendering your final 3D movie.

Part 2. Top Free 3D Movie Makers

1. Microsoft Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker

The legacy software was released by Microsoft in 1996. You could create cars and houses with the guide of a fictional character. The 90s design language might give you nostalgic feelings.

2. Blender

The Award-winning 3D animation tool has been overwhelmingly welcome within animation creator communities. Blender allows advanced features such as editing textures, colors, and 3D modeling tools. However, it is designed for professional users rather than a 3D Movie Maker for the average consumer.

3. Wax

As open-source software, Wax focuses its functionalities around video compositing. Its 3D Movie Maker features mostly work in conjunction with more professional movie maker tools, which is why Wax supports hardware acceleration.

4. Windows Movie Maker

If you are still using the legacy version of Windows, you should try out Windows Movie Maker as your Windows 3D Movie Maker tool. It is very user-friendly with basic functions such as adding a music overlay to your video.

5. Xara 3D Maker

It is technically not fully free software, however, the trial version of Xara 3D Maker works great as a free 3D Movie Maker. It has a well-placed, straightforward interface and basic functionalities such as 3D text animations.

6. Clara.io

This is a web-based 3D Movie Maker tool. Since its browser-based nature, it supports most of the platforms and costs fewer computing resources.

7. K-3D

This is also a free but surprisingly good piece of 3D Movie Maker software. Mainly for industrial design usage, K-3D supports many advanced features such as Visualization Pipeline Architecture and integration with the popular rendering software RenderMan.

Part 3. Top Paid 3D Movie Makers

1. Maya

If you are looking for a paid 3D Movie Maker, Autodesk Maya is the industrial standard choice for professionals.

2. Cinema 4D

The lighter, faster alternative to Autodesk Maya. However, its cost and learning cure is no way for beginners.

Part 4. FAQs about Selecting a 3D Movie Maker

1. Which 3D Movie Maker software is the easiest to use?

Most 3D Movie Makers are designed for professional use, thus harder to learn. Try to find the most user-friendly option available.

2. Should I use 3D Movie Maker freeware or paid ones?

Depends on your budget and time. For most casual users, an easy-to-use free-of-charge option is always the better one.

3. Are creating 3D videos good for kids to learn?

Yes. Using a 3D Movie Maker tool is generally speaking a great idea for helping kids familiar with computer techniques.

4. What is 3D mod?

The 3D mod is the shortened form of three-dimensional model. It represents a physical body that uses a collection of points in 3D space. And these points are connected by various geometric entities such as triangles, lines, curved surfaces, etc.


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