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You searched long and hard for the perfect television and decided to pay the extra cost to enjoy the benefits of 3D movies. Before you get started, ensure that you have everything you need to watch 3D in your home theater. Options are limited to stream 3D movies.

Here are the options you have for enjoying your favorite movies in 3D without having to travel to a local movie theatre. Vudu has a secure and reliable reputation, movies are available for rental or purchase. Movies Anywhere synchronization included. Content accessible across most platforms. An enormous library with first access to blockbusters before competitors. Not all Vudu apps are created equal and you may find some platforms with more abilities than others.

Where to find the best 3D flicks

A popular media service in the United States, Vudu is owned by parent company Walmart and provides 3D movie experiences with any compatible devices such as your 3D television.

3. The Little Vampire

You can access content from Vudu from many platforms, including Playstation, Xbox, and TiVo. The service also integrates directly with Movies Anywhere, an online service that allows you to access any content you purchase on Vudu through iTunes, Prime Video, and Google Play; however, it is important to note that 3D movies will only be accessible in standard 2D on other services.

Movies are available to rent before most competition streaming services.


Full HD or 4K quality with Dolby and DTS soundtracks. Access to exclusive features only available on the Blu–ray.

6. Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Subscription plans available for avid watchers. No instant access to films due to the physical shipping process, some movies may incur wait times before available.

No option for paying with PayPal for added security.

4. How to Train Your Dragon 2

3D Blu-ray Rental

Non–digital method means you will need a 3D compatible Blu–ray player in addition to your 3D–ready television. This service is not for online streaming, but instead allows you to rent your favorite films in 3D from the comfort of your home. With a comfortably sized library of content, film buffs can enjoy renting videos one at a time or purchase a subscription plan. For those who demand the utmost quality, viewing your films directly on Blu–ray means you will always have access to exclusive content and features, along with uncompressed video and audio.

Visit 3D Blu-Ray Rental. Vudu currently represents the best option for obtaining 3D movies for online streaming without falling into a legal grey area. Unfortunately, the practice of watching 3D movies at home has been on a decline, and fewer providers are offering the solution.

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3D titles on Netflix aren’t as commonplace as one might hope. In fact, its library of titles is extremely limited and if Netflix is going to be your only source of watching 3D content, we’d suggest saving the cash instead and investing in a good 4K television.

The 4K library is far more comprehensive and Netflix has a strategy of growing it over the next few years. Firstly, you’ll need to be based in the US as 3D is only currently available there. Secondly, you’ll need a compatible 3D television set. These aren’t listed but most new 3D televisions sold at the moment are compatible. Naturally, you’ll need a good internet connection too as you’re streaming multiple layers of the movie/show at once.

9 Captivating 3D Movies On Netflix To Make Your Viewing Experience More Exciting!

We have absolutely no idea. When we asked a Netflix representative they simply said it’s not on their current roadmap but to keep an eye out for an announcement regarding it on their social media channels. Log into your account. Recover your password. A password will be e-mailed to you. 3D movies are quite engaging, and if you enjoy such movies, these 3D movies on Netflix will surely make for a fascinating watch.

2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013)

3D movies are primarily superior to other movies because they can provide the viewer with a partial simulation of the environment. Even though not all movies available online are 3D movies, there are still some funny 3D movies on Netflix for viewers to enjoy. So without wasting any more time, let’s indulge in the world of 3D movies on Netflix, and we hope you will find something worth exploring.

3D movies are primarily a real-life projection of a seemingly two-dimensional character. Usually, 3D movies are heavily animated and too time-consuming to produce.

1. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018)

However, over the years, the process has become way faster. Due to this ease in creating 3D movies, there has been a rise in 3D movies in recent years. We have enlisted some exceptional 3D movies on Netflix that are available to stream on the platform right now.

We hope you will have as much fun as we did while exploring these 3D movies on Netflix. Also, Read | 20 Sad Anime Movies On Netflix To Make You Cry Your Eyes Out. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018) is an animated action-adventure that features the life of a high school student who has been finding it hard to mix with the students in his new school. The teen gets bitten by a radioactive spider and is forced to face a powerful business person as he tries to open a portal to other worlds.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is an amazing Marvel movie and features various spiderman characters from various worlds. The story is quite interesting and features an exceptional plotline as a new Spider-man is born.

5. Despicable Me

How To Train Your Dragon (2010) is an action-adventure movie, that features the quest of a young boy as he tries to become a dragon hunter. However, things take an interesting turn when he finds an unlikely friendship in the form of a young handicapped dragon just like him.

This interesting plotline presents the duo’s journey as they try to remove the bias regarding dragons within the boy’s village. How To Train Your Dragon is, in a way, a retelling of a typical coming-of-age movie that features a teen’s quest as they try to achieve something huge. The storyline features an adorable character in the form of Toothless – the dragon and is an engaging movie to watch.

Also, Read | Top 10 Tom Cruise Movies On Netflix You Need To Watch In 2022! The Croods (2013) is a historical animation, that revolves around the life of a pre-historic family that is led by the eldest male.

The Lack of 3D Movie Streaming Services

The man is extremely paranoid as he has seen other human families killed due to various accidents. The plot revolves around introducing a teen boy to the family as they try to outrun a series of earthquakes while fighting dangerous predators. The Croods is a fun and unconventional retelling of a pre-historical family as they try to survive.

The movie is amazing and humorous to watch, as the plot presents the families’ emotional and physical turmoils hilariously.

#3 The Croods (2013)

Mowgli: Legend Of The Jungle (2018) is a fantasy drama that follows the life of a young boy who has been raised by wolves. The human boy gradually becomes more aware of his differences than other pack children. The storyline follows the animosity between a tiger and the wolves, while the young boy decides to fight off the tiger in the act of revenge.

Mowgli: Legend Of The Jungle is a realistic retelling of the classic children’s book story of Mowgli. The plotline is quite simple, but the movie is still intense as the animals portrayed in the movie seem extremely realistic. Also, Read | 35 Wondrous Johnny Depp Movies On Netflix | The Pirates Are Calling! Aliens (2009) is the journey of a famous news reporter who gets hit by a radioactive meteor on her wedding day and transforms into a giant version of herself.

The story explores the monotonous life of the woman as she is held captive in a facility with other monsters. However, all the monsters are given a chance at freedom by the authorities if they help the planet by saving it from an alien invasion.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013)

Aliens is an entertaining plot that presents a unique premise. The movie showcases the emotional growth of the young woman as she accepts herself. The plotline is quite fun as we saw seemingly dangerous creatures tackling their demons. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 (2013) is an animated comedy, that revolves around the various silly and hilarious adventures of Flint Lockwood. The story primarily presents the continuation of the prequel, as the man is forced to quit his job. The plot presents Flint’s quest as he tries to destroy his invention that creates animal and food hybrids.

#5 Monsters VS. Aliens (2009)

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 is a hilarious plotline that features the journey of Flint Lockwood as he tries to fight his invention. The movie was for sure not an expected sequel, however, it still makes for a funny movie to watch. Also, Read | 8 Psychological Horror Movies On Netflix | Mind-Exploding Flicks! Shrek Forever After (2010) is an animated comedy that presents the tumultuous life of Shrek as he ends up marrying Fiona.