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Substance Painter. Support lots of modern 3D formats including DAE and FBX - ideal for game developers. There are some add-ons that can speed up your workflow, but while some paid add-ons cost between $1 and $29, others cost between $30 and $300 (some are premium subscription-based). This means that those who can't afford it will have a harder time completing their Blender projects.


It Sucks, it is for losers See More. Platforms:Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD. Technology:C, Python.


Blender is licensed under the GPL. Very intuitive, pretty interface and free, very useful to just quickly open and use, no sign ins, paywalls or big installs! Good keyboard shortcuts for everything. Keep your left hand on the keyboard and your right hand on the mouse. Blender originally came with a game engine suited for making Blender a AIO solution for making games as well.

However, in Blender 2.8, this has been removed. However, a emerging project named Armory3D is your go-to solution if you like Blender-native workflow. Very bad in motion graphics See More. The Blender particle system can at times be a little limiting and finicky (and buggy) to get working. Even if it can get most straight forward jobs done, it is far from the most advanced system, and could benefit largely from advancements.

Substance Designer

Arihan Sharma - Sir John A Macdonald Sr PS (1540)'s Experience. It offers a round solution (it covers many areas and professional fields) for a freelancer, for free, constantly updated, very polished, and allowing high quality results that clients do require. After some learning, it becomes very useful for professional work.

The latest version (2.8) is free. It has more features, a redesigned User Interface, and better functionality. But for those who don't have a computer with a advanced GPU (with OpenGL 3.3 or higher) will never be able to use that version, unless they have and can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on new computers/devices.

wont load but who cares SUPPORT See More. Blender provides a full rigging system, and automates animation by interpolating between keyframe positions.

Quixel Mixer

Is not capable of real hard surface for industrial design because is not able to reproduce surface continuity degree as a NURBs does and average vertex normal destroy surface radius. If you want free and open source use armor painter. You dont have to pay. you can just compile it yourself or asks someone 4 someone elses excecutables without it being illegal.

Releases are made every ~3 months. Does not handle polygon intersections well. And needs tweaking by hand points or adding average vertex normals via modifiers. This software is very powerful for a free program. It has multiple features available at your fingertips.


Whenever a bug is detected, you can report it to the developers of Bender and/or Blender add-ons, and they will fix that problem for the newer version. If you've used Blender for more than 10 minutes, you know what I'm talking about. Blender is definitely a powerful tool-- If you get it to work.

Sculpting in real time, for an example. Sometimes it straight up doesn't work. Blender's new intuitive interface in 2.8, along with its powerful toolset, along with its one-stop shop solution for 3D Artists, VFX Artists, and the like is a must-to-try if you're delving in 3D today.

Although blenders 3d painting and sculpting tools (mostly painting) are not at par with specialized software like Substance painter, z brush, or mari; it is more than capable of getting most jobs done if the user takes the time to learn and understand it.


Blender embeds Python 3, which can be used to write add-ons, tools, extend the interface, rig characters and automate tasks. Blender's node-based compositor has comprehensive video sequencing and post-processing features. Blender runs the Cycles path tracing engine under the hood. Cycles is a very powerful rendering engine capable of full path tracing (light fall off, caustics, volumetrics).

It is mostly compatible with OpenCL and CUDA rendering, and is implementing mycropolygon displacement features. The upcoming release has a viewport engine called EEVEE whereby you can see and interact with your work in render mode in real time! The trick with Blender is to get used to its usage philosophy, as it keeps consistent through all the application.

BodyPaint 3D

Once you get it, every feature or addition is learnt naturally, almost effortlessly. You don't have to switch between software when you want to do different things. Because modeling, sculpting, composting, video editing etc can all be done in blender.

There's a huge community to help you get started immediately. Many of the people in the community are also contributors of Blender's Development. Whether it's donations, add-on creation, blend files, renders, animated videos, bug reports, or even feedback, contributions are one of the biggest reason Blender is becoming a better alternative to the industry standards of 3D Software.

Blender 2.8 now makes 2D a first-class citizen in Blender, allowing to compose drawings as blender objects on top of 3D objects.

Substance Painter

Since Substance Painter allows users to paint in full 3D, it can be used not only to paint full textures, but can also paint masks which can then be used in other tools (like Substance Designer) for material filter generators (like the ones used to make edge wear and dirt). It will die a slow miserable death.

Way too expensive. The free trial is the only thing free, but it can only be useful for 30 days. You'll have to pay a lot of money for the full version, and even if you do get it, it won't work on a normal computer. You will have to pay for an expensive graphics card to use it, or an expensive gaming computer to install it on, which means a lot more money flying out of your pocket, wallet, and/or bank account.


Plus, since it's now an Adobe product, meaning it's only available via subscription. The best software for texturing that is being developed curently. Substance painter has builds for all 3 major platforms. Arihan Sharma - Sir John A Macdonald Sr PS (1540)'s Experience. SP can be purchased on Steam but will only get a year of free updates.

UDIM is limited but it is currently being developed. easy to use, full workflow See More. Can work with models composed with a couple of uvmaps at most. This makes spainter very limited and only suitable most of the times to hard surface texturing.

Harry Bailey (Zombie Battle Divisions)'s Experience. You can not export substance (sbsar) files in Painter.


3D Coat supports the creation of your own PBR materials that are ready to be used in the PBR workflow. Voxel is quite heavy on your computer, if you intent to use this as your main model and sculpt app do enough research to see if your computer can handle it and if you have the right graphic card for it.

If you really have doubts , just go ask in the forums. You can texture in many styles with this app, but when it comes to Handpainting, as seen in World of Warcraft and Torchlight, 3D Coat is the one that many professionals will advice you to as their top choice.


This is a paid texture program. Why is it in this list? You can save and open your texture work in apps like Photoshop, work on them and send them directly back to 3D coat. It will remember your layers and update. The cheapest version available only lets you paint on 7 layers, which is very unfortunate.

Robust software similar to Zbrush for sculpting / painting and texturing. Voxel sculpting is entirely free from the bounds of polygons and topology. 3D coat is also known in the game industry to be a great app to preform retopology.

3D coat makes UVing your work go super fast and it's actually quite fun because you're finished in a breeze.


Lighting changes when you turn the model. Awful interface. Very few tools. Aweful, poor tools, poor UVing, doesn't do 3d acceleration well, the worst part of awesome Cinema 4d. There are programs that provide much more for much less. Specifically, it is very bug laden for such an expensive software. It's like the damn thing was written in the seventeenth century.