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Prepare and optimize 3D models for printing. License:Open source. Operating system:Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista. Report incorrect info. Work with models for 3D printing operations.

Automatically find the right positioning and size according to the recommendations, create and configure custom setups by adjusting one or several of the 300 settings. Work with STL, OBJ, X3D, and 3MF files. The 4.13.1 version of Ultimaker Cura is provided as a free download on our software library.

The most popular versions among Ultimaker Cura users are 4.7, 3.3 and 3.0.

Our built-in antivirus scanned this download and rated it as 100% safe. Cura.exe and ELEGOO Cura.exe are the most common filenames for this program's installer.

This free program is an intellectual property of Ultimaker B.V. The latest installer occupies 201.3 MB on disk. This free PC program was developed to work on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP or Windows Vista and can function on 32 or 64-bit systems.

The software is categorized as Photo & Graphics Tools. From the developer:. Ultimaker Cura can be used to prepare your model for 3D printing. It provides a "recommended mode" for quick printing; you can also create and configure "custom mode" with over 300 settings.

STL, OBJ, X3D, and 3MF file formats are supported. You can expand the functionality and file-support with plugins.

Firmware Notes:

You may want to check out more software, such as Cura, Ani.cur.ico Editor or Twilight City Love as a Cure, which might be related to Ultimaker Cura.

We recommend using the latest firmware included within Cura LulzBot Edition to maximize long-term compatibility.

Users that need to use old GCode files can restore compatible firmware ( or below) through Legacy Cura LulzBot Edition v21.08.

Cura LulzBot Edition versions 2.6.69 and above contain firmware standardized for use with all LulzBot Mini 3D Printers, and contains important bug fixes.

  • However, once your firmware has been updated to or beyond, GCode files sliced with earlier versions of Cura LE will no longer be compatible and will have to be re-sliced using the latest version of Cura LE.

  • Cura LulzBot Edition version 2.6.69 includes proposed LulzBot TAZ 5 slicing profiles with built-in filament temperature settings.

Marlin Firmware 1.1.5 and later removes the built-in filament temperature presets from the Graphical LCD Controller menu.

Users that prefer to use the filament temperature presets included with some legacy firmware can use the firmware included within Legacy Cura LulzBot Edition v21.08.

Today, the latest version of our powerful, easy-to-use 3D print preparation software is available for download.

In this release, we’ve focused on usability improvements that simplify 3D printing workflows, whatever your 3D printing application.

Ultimaker Cura was named Software Tool of the Year at the 3D Printing Industry Awards 2019.

This is a fantastic recognition of our commitment to delivering the best 3D printing experience available. Download this release and join millions of 3D printing professionals who choose Ultimaker software to innovate every day.

Orthographic view. A new orthographic view brings Ultimaker Cura more in-line with many popular CAD design packages, so you can easily compare the dimensions of your model before you invest time into a print.

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Find the new view in View > Camera view > Orthographic. View the projections of your model easily in orthographic view mode. This new popup list helps you to quickly and easily identify corresponding filenames and models. Click a model in the viewport and its filename will highlight, or click a filename in the list and the corresponding model will highlight.

For added convenience, the open or hidden state of the list will persist between sessions. Easily identify corresponding filenames and models with the object list.

Layer view line type. The line type color scheme in the layer view has been tweaked with new colors for infill and support interfaces so that they can be distinguished better.
Infill lines now show as orange, and support interfaces are distinguished from regular support with a distinct shade of blue.
Infill lines are now orange. Support interface lines are now a distinct blue.

Slice button delay. For more clarity, after clicking ‘Slice’, the slice button text will change to read ‘Processing’ so you are aware that something is happening during any pre-slicing delay. Nozzle switch prime distance. Certain materials “ooze” more than others during retraction and long moves.

vgribinchuk has contributed a new setting that lets you finetune the restart distance, so that the full extrusion width is achieved when resuming a print.
A new option to increase the aesthetic quality of your prints has been added to custom mode, under Z seam settings.
Smart Z seam works by analyzing your model’s geometry and automatically choosing when to hide or expose the seam, so that visible seams on outer walls are kept to a minimum.

Flow per feature. Control line spacing separately from flow settings. You can now adjust material flow for specific features of your print, such as walls, infill, support, prime towers, and adhesion.

This version has pulled the Creawsome mod, made by trouch, which adds a lot of print profiles for Creality printers.
It includes definitions for Creality CR10 Mini, CR10s, CR10s Pro, CR20, CR20 Pro, Ender 2, Ender 4 and Ender 5, and updates the definitions for CR10, CR10s4, CR10s5 and Ender3.
This release fixes issues with font rendering, per-model settings, unnecessary travel moves, prime tower overlaps, printer hostnames, and more.
Keep your 3D printing workflow up-to-date with the industry by downloading Ultimaker Cura 4.2 today.

A slicing engine that performs

Use it with an Ultimaker account for the best experience, and take full advantage of Ultimaker Cloud and the Ultimaker Community, where you can offer valuable user feedback. We hope you enjoy this release. Download Ultimaker Cura 4.0 today and enjoy a brand-new user interface designed to simplify 3D print preparation – whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

This release adds integration with Ultimaker Cloud, offering you advanced cloud-based tools to support your 3D printing workflow.
Simplified user interface. Ultimaker Cura’s new user interface accommodates a range of skill levels and workflows. Three stages in the header clearly guide the process: prepare models in the prepare stage, simulate the 3D printing process in the preview stage, and monitor print progress for Ultimaker printers in the monitor stage.

Collapsible panels give you easy access to settings, and allow you to focus on your 3D model as needed. Recommended mode enables you to prepare prints quickly and easily, relying on the strength of expert-configured print profiles.

Custom mode gives you full control, with the power to adjust over 300 separate slicing settings, and an adjustable panel to keep all your settings visible. Recommended mode enables you to prepare prints quickly and easily, relying on the strength of expert-configured print profiles.

Custom mode gives you full control, with the power to adjust over 300 separate slicing settings, and an adjustable panel to keep all your settings visible.
We’ve added the Marketplace to the main interface for easy access to material profiles and plugins.

Extra fields have been added to material entries to show support sites, extra lines for product descriptions, and a supplier website link so you can easily purchase material for use with your print profiles.

User account control. Sign into your Ultimaker account directly from the interface, for quick and easy access to Ultimaker Cloud features. Sign into your Ultimaker account directly.

Work anytime, anywhere. Keep your settings in the cloud, and conveniently retrieve them for use on any computer, whether it’s running Windows, Mac, or Linux. An Ultimaker account and internet connection are required to make and restore backups.

For now, five backups are enabled per Ultimaker account. Remote printing. Send and monitor print jobs from anywhere in the world through Ultimaker Cloud when logged into your account in Ultimaker Cura.

For now, one Ultimaker printer can be linked per account. Note: this feature is available for Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5 printers running firmware 5.2.

Send and monitor prints from outside your local network by connecting your printer to Ultimaker Cloud. Marketplace ratings. Ever used a plugin in the Marketplace that made your workflow easier? Let people know about it. Check reviews in the Ultimaker Marketplace to find the best plugins faster, and share your opinions and experience for others using our five-star rating system.

Winner: Software Tool of the Year

By providing plugin reviews, you help people to find the best plugins, and give valuable feedback to plugin contributors.

  • Check reviews in the Ultimaker Marketplace to find the best plugins faster, and share your opinions and experience for others using our five-star rating system.

  • Ultimaker Cura 4.0 is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, with support for 14 languages, including English, German, and Simplified Chinese.

  • An Ultimaker account gives you access to Ultimaker Cloud, plus the Ultimaker community of 3D printing experts, where you can learn, share, and give your feedback on this release.

  • Download Ultimaker Cura 4.0 today and take your 3D printing workflow to the next generation.

  • We’d like to thank our beta testers for the help and feedback that made this release possible.

Expanded third-party 3D printer support

Software name change. The application name has changed from “Cura” to “Ultimaker Cura”. Please note that when updating on a Mac, this will cause an instance of “Cura” and “Ultimaker Cura” in the applications folder. The "Cura" instance will need to be removed manually.

Quick start guide. New to Ultimaker Cura? Our quick start guide will show you how to set up your model for 3D printing.

Greater stability than before

For a full breakdown of features and new developments, view Ultimaker Cura 3.0 on Github. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to join the discussion on our forum.

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