3d Printer Software Free Cura

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  • Certainly Cura is an open-source Ultimaker software free and compatible with all printers.
Obviously its use is maximized for the Ultimaker printers line.
Depending on which version you use, it has some interesting and unique features.
At the same time, if you use these printers, the data will be very accurate. If you choose to try this slicer, we absolutely recommend trying both the latest and 14.3 version, to see which interface you will prefer.

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In the end Cura makes the model for 3D printing, doing well its job, makes life easier for beginners, allowing you to get good results with little effort. It has many settings which the more experienced users can meet their needs.

Because of those reasons it is considered one of the best Slicers on the market.On the other hand, the only clear defect we can find in Cura is in the creation of supports, there are slicers out there that can beat it.

We also offer you 4 guides thanks to which Cura 3.0 will have no more secrets! Downloads: from the official website. User level: from beginner to expert. System: PC, Mac, Linux. Read the reviews about the most low cost printers and try one! If you have found this post useful, please give a LIKE on Easy 3D Home Facebook’s page to receive updates and all the news of ourBlog!

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Creates 3D files from your 3D models to be printed. License:Open source. Operating system:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Report incorrect info. Prepares your 3D image for 3D printing, using a variety of settings and features to adjust your model before printing.

Uses profiles for Ultimaker materials and it can print multiple objects at the same time, each printed object has its own different setup.