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If you are looking for the best 3D texture painting software, then this article is for you as we have mentioned the 10 best options for you.
To know more about the software, follow the article.
Texture painting is a unique art exercise that needs practice and extraordinary tools.
Nowadays, people look for artists who can texture paint using the software. If you are also interested in this digital art format form and are looking for software that can help you polish your skills, then keep reading, as we have mentioned, the best texture painting tools.
Best 3D texture painting softwaresPricePlatforms3D
Below are the software and their offering, which you can look at before choosing any Texture painting software for Windows.
FreeWindows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSDYes
Photoshop is one of the most famous photo editing software used by professionals.
The software has many tutorials and courses that can help newcomers or beginners to learn the software easily.
The software tools are improving with every update.
The team works on upgrading the existing functionality and enhancing the working experience of the user.
$599 anual fee--

List of 10 Best 3D Texture Painting Software of 2021

This software has met the industry standard and is the most preferred list, the reason beyond its huge demand is that the software offers the user to use a wide range of plugins with every functionality.
Today’s software has every tool for painting in 3D, custom texture creation, and maps from scratch. After the work or the project is complete the artist can save the work in .png format and export it for other software use. Blender is an open-source 3D texture painting software that works with all the 3D processes very smoothly.
Using this software, you can efficiently perform 3D modeling, rendering, rigging, simulation, composition, etc.
One of the major reasons why this software is on the list of texture painting software for Windows is that it is available for free. Unlike other software, you don’t have to take subscriptions or pay money to use the tools of the software.
While Photoshop is the most preferred software for CG artists this is in the second position.
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This is the best 3D texture painting software and one of the most trusted because of the Autodesk brand. The brand has been in the market for a long time and has gained the trust of the artists.
Same way Mudbox has kept the brand’s promise alive and offered the best 3D texture tools. The software has tutorials and courses to help the users with new features and their usage.
Other than these features the software has a user-friendly interface that can be adapted by any user easily irrespective of their experience. This texture painting software for Windows has a retopology tool that can help artists find tactile and intuitive workflow.
Next up in the list of 3D texture painting software for Windows, we have ZBrush.
This is a great software that offers 3D texturing tools that most CG experts.
The software is similar to traditional sculpturing and powerful inner processing. Using this software you can create even complex 3D objects from the billions of polygons. You can use the software without any graphics card in your system.
The software can be used to sketch 2D and 3D concepts.
This is the best in the world!!! See More
Other than this you can even create sketches in the same 3D software. You can even add lighting and atmospheric effects to the project and get photorealistic renders. Also Read: 14 Best Free Data Recovery Software For Windows 10/8/7 In 2021.
Substance Painter is one of the 3D texture painting software that you can use to paint in full 3D. You can even use this tool to create textures and paint masks. You can use the projects created by this texture painting tool to other software easily. Though this software is not available for free the offerings have helped it to become one of the best texture painting software for Windows.
One of the best offerings that this tool offers is it can be used with any other Adobe software easily.
Most of the users find the software very useful for effective and hard surface texturing. Other than WIndows this software is available in macOS and Linux too, you can click on the link below to visit the official website.
3D-Coat is a texture painting software for Windows that offers endless opportunities for creating custom 3D models. Using this texture painting tool you can create free-form organic and hard surfaced 3D artwork.
In order to create a surface for smooth texture mapping, this software uses retopology. Other than this you can easily create UV maps and texture models with natural painting tools.
Using the software you can even create your own rendering materials that can help you in high shading quality.
Also Read: 10 Best Laptop Battery Testing Software for Windows 10. ArmorPaint is another of the best texture painting software that you can use, but this software is not available for free and doesn’t even offer a free trial.
Keeping the pricing factor aside, if we talk about the features of this software it is a great option for artists who wish to paint multiple maps at once.
Using this software you can do that easily and without any issue. Other than this using this software you can create custom textures and materials with custom colors and maps.
It also helps in making the process fast and smooth by supporting GPU acceleration. The software can also be used on iPad but keep in mind the versions are still created to experiment. Mari is a great 3D texture painting software that offers unlimited texture paintings.
Using this software you can add thousands of textures on a single 3D model, which means creating the complex object and character is easy with this best 3D texture painting software for Windows.
Other than this the cutting-edge performance has helped the software become the best in the league. The company has recently collaborated with 3Delight and VRay teams for the next update of the software. The collaboration was aimed to offer the best tools for texturing and rendering.
The software is one of the best texture painting software that you can try.
Also Read: 10 Best Free Janam Kundali Software For Windows PC (2021). SelfCAD is one of the most popular 3D texture painting software as it offers a free version for students.
The aim of the software is to offer students the best tools for improving their learning.
Other than students this tool is used by many CG artists too. Using this software you can create 3D models from scratch which includes sculpting and texturing.
If you wish to use the already completed 3D printable designs then you can use it too as the software offers a comprehensive library of objects. This is a great feature that can help all the artists in saving time and effort while creating a project. PaintCube is a web-based 3D texture painting software for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. The software has a convenient and seamless UV workflow which most of the users enjoy.
The software has all the painting and texturing tools that can help you to paint texture directly onto the models. Other than this the software has a layering feature too that can help in creating and organizing layers of texture.
The layers help in saving and removing the progress as per needs.
Once the project is complete you can export it to Photoshop and other VFX applications. Also Read: 10 Best Microsoft Edge Themes for Windows 10 in 2021.
These were the best texture painting software for Windows that you can try in 2021. We have listed the prominent features of the software, check and choose the best software that suits your needs and requirements. We hope that we have helped you in finding the ideal 3D texture painting program. For more, technology-related articles subscribe to our newsletter and never miss any updates.
Creating shapes and objects is just the start of the process with Microsoft’s Paint 3D. The fun comes from adding the finishing touches -- lighting, textures, and shapes -- that help to bring your artwork to life.

Final Words: Best 3D Texture Painting Software 2021

Textures offer a prime example. From a simple cylinder, we now create something resembling a tree stump… resembling being the key word. Open Paint 3D and press New to start a new project. Start by placing an object on the board.
If you don’t know how to do that, we’ve got a tutorial here.
The TL;DR version is this: click the 3D shapes icon in the top menu and select any object from the sidebar.
This will suffice for this tutorial, as will adding your own artwork from a previous project.
Select the Sticker icon from the menubar at the top. It’s the circle icon that looks like one side is being pulled away from the surface. In the sidebar, choose the icon to the right of the smiley face under the Stickers heading. This will bring up the texture menu.
Click any texture, and then click again on your object to place it.
Grab any corner to resize the texture to fit the object.
You can also rotate it or flip it from here if you’d rather position it at a different angle.
Arihan Sharma - Sir John A Macdonald Sr PS (1540)'s Experience
Very Bad. See More
SP can be purchased on Steam but will only get a year of free updates. See More
UDIM is limited but it is currently being developed. See More
easy to use, full workflow See More
Can work with models composed with a couple of uvmaps at most. This makes spainter very limited and only suitable most of the times to hard surface texturing. See More
Harry Bailey (Zombie Battle Divisions)'s Experience
Substance is the most popular for organic texturing and Photoshop is more tailored towards UV maps See More
You can not export substance (sbsar) files in Painter. See More
See More

10. PaintCube

3D Coat supports the creation of your own PBR materials that are ready to be used in the PBR workflow. See More
Voxel is quite heavy on your computer, if you intent to use this as your main model and sculpt app do enough research to see if your computer can handle it and if you have the right graphic card for it. If you really have doubts , just go ask in the forums. See More
You can texture in many styles with this app, but when it comes to Handpainting, as seen in World of Warcraft and Torchlight, 3D Coat is the one that many professionals will advice you to as their top choice. See More
This is a paid texture program. Why is it in this list? See More
You can save and open your texture work in apps like Photoshop, work on them and send them directly back to 3D coat. It will remember your layers and update. See More
The cheapest version available only lets you paint on 7 layers, which is very unfortunate. See More
Robust software similar to Zbrush for sculpting / painting and texturing. See More
Voxel sculpting is entirely free from the bounds of polygons and topology. See More
See More
3D coat is also known in the game industry to be a great app to preform retopology. See More
3D coat makes UVing your work go super fast and it's actually quite fun because you're finished in a breeze. See More

9. SelfCAD

Lighting changes when you turn the model. Awful interface. Very few tools. See More
See More
Aweful, poor tools, poor UVing, doesn't do 3d acceleration well, the worst part of awesome Cinema 4d. See More
There are programs that provide much more for much less. Specifically, it is very bug laden for such an expensive software. See More
It's like the damn thing was written in the seventeenth century. It's like they made it bad on purpose. See More

3. Autodesk Mudbox

Though it is expensive, if you wish to use it continuously you can constantly renew your trial with lovely fake emails. Learning this can benefit your career into games or film. See More
Not made for hobbyists or indie game developers. See More
If you're not in the gaming industry and want to achieve maximum realism with your textures. Mari is the tool. See More
Though Substance Painter is catching up to Mari in terms of texturing wiht higher res textures, this program is what is used in tandem with Zbrush most commonly in Film. For the Game industry it is Substance Painter and Zbrush. See More
See More
Mari can handle 32K textures since 2010. It was used in creating the characters faces and such in the Avatar movie, as close-ups require such high-res textures. See More
See More

8. Mari

ArmorPaint allows artists to paint across multiple maps at once. This allows for easy creation of coherent color, roughness, and bump maps. See More
Armor Paint is open-source, but the official binaries are not available for free. Unless you can compile it yourself, or you run Arch Linux or a system based on it and can use an AUR package that'll build it for you - you'll have to pay to use this program. See More
The user interface is clean and it is very immediately useful with little more than one comprehensive tutorial or a read through of relevant material. See More
Supports GPU acceleration. Since it is run entirely on the gpu, it makes painting huge maps nice and smooth on modern graphic cards. See More
It is not completed yet, which may lead to support drop, or a software that is not entirely usable. See More
Its FREE ! See More
A simple and robust "blender-based" node system to modify brush channels. See More
When exporting your maps in higher resolutions in Substance Painter - it'll re-draw all your strokes in the background to make sure the exported textures have as much detail as possible. Armor Paint doesn't have such a feature so far - if you paint on a small resolution texture - you're stuck with it, or you'll have to manually re-paint it yourself to get a higher resolution texture. See More
ArmorPaint falls under the zlib license. The zlib license has been approved by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) as a free software license, and by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) as an open-source license. It is compatible with the GNU General Public License. As such, the program is FREE if you compile it from source, and (as of August 2, 2020) costs only €16 to purchase pre-compiled binaries. See More
The brushes are projected with a simple viewport projection, which can lead to weird warping of the brush on irregular surfaces. See More
ArmorPaint received a $25,000 Epic Mega Grant. This is a large donation of money given by Epic Games through their MegaGrant Program to programs that show great promise. These grants are unconditional and recipients are expected to continue program development as they see fit. These grants can not be used to purchase unpurchasable software (open-source software). See More

7. ArmorPaint

Sculptris is not primarily geared towards 3d painting, but rather sculpting. It also is not designed as a top of the line tool, but as a simple intuitive introduction software. This means it is a bit lacking in simple features, such as an eraser tool. See More
Free 3D painting software which can be used in commercial projects is a rare thing, and Sculptris holds up to very few competitors in its domain. See More
Its free and easy to learn :) See More
Although 2048x2048 is plenty for most indie developers, the lack of 4k support is definitely be a huge draw back for models that require larger textures. See More
Sculptris has great editing tools that allow designers to concentrate on sculpting and completely immerse themselves into making models, forgetting about all the complex methods modelers usually have to use in their daily business. See More
Sculptris has no support for specularity (or roughness) maps, which are necessary in a PBR workflow. See More
Sculptris supports bump map painting, which can then be exported as a bump map, or as a normal map. See More
Sculptris does not support N-gons which can make importing 3D models from other applications to paint them a little more complicated. See More

6. 3D-Coat

See More
A single-user license for ZBrush costs $795. But, Pixologic has not charged a penny for upgrades to licensed users since inception. Anyone who has purchased Zbrush has not been left behind. See More
Meshes sculpted with ZBrush can contain billions of polygons, but tools are provided to cleanly reduce the poly count. See More
Does not lend itself to cinematic or artistic renderings due to a strange perspective system found nowhere else in 3D which warps according to the relationships between models and rendering viewpoint - there is no real 'camera'. It is sufficient for rendering your work on a sculptural piece or industrial design, but KeyShot Pro or any other PBR rendering program that uses a camera are recommended for scene rendering, at least in 4R7. See More
Can transfer work between other packages via AppLink and/or Bridge seamlessly. See More
Though, it's fully customizable. Like for any software, there is a learning curve. See More
ZBrush lets the user sculpt an object in fine detail with customizable 3D brushes. See More
See More
Every iteration of Zbrush has evolved beyond the last and has kept all other 3D package devs on their toes consistently. See More
Due to the nature of the program and how it uses high poly mesh sculpting it is best to consider this app when wanting high poly models, as that is what it aims to do best. See More
No other 3D package has had continued support from their parent company or community like ZBrush has had since inception. See More
ZBrush is a long standing industry standard for sculpting and painting 3D models which means you are guaranteed a solid application with lots of good learning material. See More

2. Blender

While it is technically free, it only allows you to export with a UE licence to a UE project, very inconvenient. See More
It's freaking free. See More
Platforms:Windows, Mac
But, uh, "exporting" is as easy as opening up the file locations. See More

4. ZBrush

Limited options during trial. See More
You can use this software on your devices for as long as it has a browser. This means you can work on your projects using your personal computer, laptop, and soon on your tablet. See More
The login service doesn't work fuck this shit See More
Desktop targets:Windows; Macintosh; Linux
It's a subscription-based program. you'll have to pay between $5 and $20 in order to continue use of PaintCube once the free 7-day trial is over. See More
You can build your work in layers of texture information as you complete your model. See More
See More

1. Adobe Photoshop

Nobody should use Adobe products. Period. Same as Autodesk. They love to force customers to pay every month to use any of their products in every way possible, instead of providing them the customers with a free, no trial, basic version of their products. Probably because they can. Also no, Photosop is terrible for 3D texture painting. Period. See More
There's a free mobile app available for iOS, Android & Windows Phone. See More
TRASH! Can´t even see what I´m doing See More
Platforms:Windows, macOS
Tethered capture:via Bridge
While you can still buy CS6 from 2012 without needing a subscription by contacting Adobe support or the cut-down Photoshop Elements, any full-version version of Photoshop past CS6 requires a subscription. See More
A stripped down version of Photoshop, called Photoshop Elements can be bought as a standalone application for $100. See More
The standalone version of Photoshop costs $19.99/month, though it can be leased as part of the Creative Cloud Photography bundle that includes Lightroom for $9.99/month. See More
You can save all projects directly to the Creative Cloud allowing you to access them from any device and with any relevant Adobe software. See More
Arihan Sharma - Sir John A Macdonald Sr PS (1540)'s Experience
3D is very bad; too simple. See More
It needs a very power CPU and GPU and many GBs of RAM and still it is so slow. See More
Lightroom is another image editing software from Adobe that's specifically designed for photo editing and managing of large quantities of digital images. See More
Probably the only big advantage Photoshop has over the other free software is the adjustment layers. But still too expensive for just one feature. See More
Photoshop is the most fully featured image editing software available today allowing you to perform highly advanced image manipulation. It has tools for RAW image adjustments, lens correction, retouching, image stitching, HDR, fixing framing. It supports most professional color modes and file formats. It includes extensive lists of filters, styles, effects, fonts as well as tools for painting, sketching and typography work. It understands both raster and vector graphics. It even includes tools for video editing, working with 3D objects and support for 3D printing. See More
Switching from Photoshop to Affinity Photo and it's hard to notice the difference quality of a professional's work. They say that PS is the industry standard, but so very few pros that tried Affinity Photo ever look back. See More
There's a huge number of both free and paid tutorials available online. Websites like Lynda.com offer premium high-quality, in-depth tutorials, but there are plenty of free alternatives to be found on YouTube, blogs and specialized sites on the Internet. See More
See More
Photoshop is used by professionals everywhere in a wide variety of fields including photography, graphic design, and digital art. It is the de facto standard for image manipulation. If you've seen a magazine ad featuring a model, you've probably seen the effects of Photoshop. You won't be alone when using Photoshop. See More
While you can relatively quickly learn how to perform a few basic image editing tasks, understanding Photoshop's ins and outs can be difficult. It's partially due to the sheer amount of functionality that Photoshop packs (and understanding that some of the advanced functionality can take a while to understand on its own), and partially due to it being aimed at professionals with little hand-holding for novice users. See More
Photoshop includes content-aware tools such as content-aware fill that can fill in a select area based on what surrounds it. See More
In Photoshop asset management is done through a separate program called Bridge. As Bridge is supposed to be a file management tool for not just Photoshop's files, but for files generated by all of Adobe's applications it covers a breadth of capabilities, but not depth. See More
A wide variety of plugins that add new effects, improve existing functionality and simplify workflow are available. See More
Photoshop is designed to work extensively on one image at a time and while batch editing support exists, it's not that intuitive to use. See More

5. Adobe Substance Painter

Nobody should use Autodesk derived products.The 3d industry is really contaminated with Autodesk monopoly and abuse of inflated prices that everybody seems willing to pay. Enough is enough. See More
See More
See More
Mudbox offers intuitive, easy-to-learn and use sculpting and painting tools that are a joy to use. See More
See More
See More
See More
See More


Also, blender is better at modeling. See More
See More
it is amazing how easy it was to learn See More
3D in Classroom:Free for Students and Teacher
See More

Substance Designer

Substance Designer allows users to create custom substance files, it offers a lot of power with a mix of workflow of working with procedural textures and bitmaps. See More
Substance designer is not very powerful when it comes to painting textures, while there are 2D painting tools, they are not very good. See More
It has the ability to export sbsar files, these can be put into most game engines allowing in engine tweaking of procedural content. See More
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