3ds Max Material Library

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Add assets to 3ds Max projects and download media from partner locations using the following techniques.
To import an asset into 3ds Max: . Position the two application windows on your monitor(s) so that both Asset Library and 3ds Max are visible. In the Asset Library window, use the Navigation panel to find the file to be accessed or imported. Set one of the following import options: Enable to merge an incoming 3D object or import other types of files into 3ds Max. Enable to xref an incoming 3D object. Once added, the asset will not be editable from within 3ds Max. Enable to replace any 3D objects selected in 3ds Max with the incoming object. Note: If an instanced object is selected, all other identical instanced objects will also be replaced.

Using the Preview Panel

If Object Paint is enabled, click to add further copies to the scene.