Air Compressor Hour Meter

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I would really appreaciate help from some folks. I have received my hour meter and there were no wiring diagrams with it. I have a basic idear of what I should do but need confirmation if what I'm thinking, is correct?The hour meter has two terminals in the backside, neither are marked + or - so polarity is not a factor (I think).
  • I was told that it should be run in parallel on the motor side of the pressure switch?A buddy of mine came up with the following schematic (if that's what you want to call it) . I got the Aimilar timer for my 30-gallon air compressor to help me keep track of oil changes.

    Read on for our evaluation -- MEDIUM SENSITIVITY WORKED FINE: Since the timer has to be installed vertically, it's in the medium sensitivity mode but did not have a problem sensing the air compressor pump running as shown in the video. -- MOUNTS WITH 2 SIDE TAPE: The back of the unit is not flat.

    So I had to use 2 layers of foam 2 side tape to make sure it held well to the air compressor pump. I used 3M foam 2 side tape to attach the face of the air compressor pump. -- PROVIDES VIBRATION SENSE FEEDBACK: The timer worked well and sensed the compressor running and there is a small area of the display that activates when the timer is running to give you some positive feedback and it working. -- NO TIMER RESET: It would have been nice if it could be reset, say at the oil change, but there is no ability to reset the time that I can read anywhere or find on the device.

    -- INCOMPLETE PACKAGE: The delivered package had a large empty blister meant for something but it was empty..not sure what that was about ..maybe a screwdriver?

    -- NEED TO SNIP THE WIRE LOOP: Luckily I read the instructions as you need to snip the wire loop for the unit to activate.