Aluminum Cladding System

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Aluminum Cladding Panels Installation Process

Why Aluminum?

The idea of building cladding is quite simple. It is nothing more than an additional layer, or “skin,” that is added to the exterior of a building.

This can help to give the building a unique look while offering some additional protection. There are many materials that can be used as architectural cladding, and aluminum is one of the top options. If you are planning to use aluminum cladding in an upcoming project, consider the panels offered here at Stylecast Tiles.

Learn more about our products below, and contact us to get started. In some cases, the motivation to incorporate aluminum cladding panels into a building design is purely aesthetic.

A designer may want to achieve a unique look that is only possible through the use of cladding. But there are functional benefits as well.

Cladding, for instance, can provide some additional thermal insulation and even some resistance to weather conditions. Whatever the case, picking the right material for the job is essential. Once it has been decided that architectural cladding will be used, the conversation will immediately shift to the selection of the perfect material.

Aluminum Cladding Systems Cost

Aluminum has a number of benefits to offer, including:. One possible concern with is adding too much weight to the exterior of the building. You need to make sure that the materials below the cladding can handle the weight without bearing undue stress.

That shouldn’t be a problem when you opt for aluminum, as it is only a fraction of the weight of steel. If you need to adapt your cladding to fit a unique building shape, aluminum will be a great choice.

Different Types of Aluminum Cladding Systems

It is easier to work with aluminum than many other metals, so you should be able to come up with a solution that is perfect for your demands. Aluminum tends to do a great job of fighting off corrosion, which is another reason it makes a quality selection for exterior use.

You don’t want to be redoing your building design after just a few short years, so opt for aluminum and the durability it provides. When you work with Stylecast, the possibilities are virtually endless.
Our panels are fully customizable in terms of dimension, color and finishing options. Simply tell us what you need, and we will work with you to provide a quality product with your exact specifications. Browse our collections to get some ideas for your next project! We provide planners, architects, and interior designers with comprehensive advisory consulting. The collections native and glamour arose in co-operation witharchitect and designer Hadi Teherani. Archaic and intriguing: from the unadulterated cast ‘skin’ all the way to a brushed or anodized finish.
For interiors and outdoors. For walls and façades. Primal and natural—that’s the collection called native. The surfaces: Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto provide a tensely designed interplay of structures and reliefs in every shade offered. Whether in dark graphite and on to silvery bright or bordeaux-colored. Natural (matte), brushed, or anodized, native loves the metallic primalness that sets aluminum apart. No element is like any other. Make the most of the opportunities for designing offered by stylecast® native.