Amp Up Audio

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GIGABYTE G1™ Gaming motherboards are equipped with the GIGABYTE exclusive AMP-UP Audio Technology, which provides the industry’s highest level of onboard audio features and technologies.
With GIGABYTE AMP-UP Audio, gamers and audiophiles are able to experience crisp, ultra realistic sound effects while gaming, and the richest possible sound experience when listening to their favorite music and movies.
Creative Sound Core3D™ Quad-Core Audio Processor.
High End Audio CapacitorsBi-Polarized Audio Capacitors.
GIGABYTE ExclusiveUpgradable OP-AMP (Operational amplifier).
Rear Panel Audio: Gaming Headphone / Gaming PC Speakers/ AV System.
Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI-BK .
• Shortest route, no wasted trace.
• Shortest route, no wasted trace. • Less crosstalk & less EMI. • AMP positioned close to audio jack for lowest noise. • Better signal quality and better audio quality.The shortest route is always the best for audio signals. The GIGABYTE 9 Series G1™ Gaming motherboards feature the shortest audio communication paths between each critical component, from chipset to audio jack. This reduces the crosstalk along the way, and the very close proximity of the AMP to the audio jack directly results in lower noise disturbance.
With this high quality audio design, GIGABYTE G1™ Gaming motherboards are able to bring users better signal quality for the absolute best audio experience.
GIGABYTE Exclusive : Upgradable OP-AMP Customizable+ Users can choose audio quality based on individual listening preferences.+ Wide availability of additional OP-AMPs.Low Cost way to dramatically improve audio quality+ Improve audio dynamics and overall sound-quality with little cost.+ No need for expensive speakers or high-end audio equipment.

Exclusive onboard 'Gain Boost' selector switches+Select either standard 2.5x or high-amplification 6x mode.+ 6x mode is ideal for high impedance speakers and headphones.

Combining world’s first Quad-Core Creative Sound Core3D Audio Processor Plus Advanced Creative SBX PROSTUDIO Audio Suite. + Harnessing the power of a Dedicated Audio Processor to offload workload from CPU + Total solution from Creative (Hardware +Software) + Richer overall audio experience. Creative® Sound Core3D™ with Custom Gold Plated Shielding. * Product features may vary by model. Featuring dual USB 2.0 ports, GIGABYTE USB DAC-UP provides clean, noise-free power delivery to your Digital-to-Analog Converter.

DACs can be sensitive to fluctuations in power from the other USB ports, which is why GIGABYTE USB DAC-UP takes advantage of an isolated power source that minimizes potential fluctuations and ensures the best audio experience possible.
The ALC1150 is a high-performance multi-channel High Definition Audio Codec that delivers an exceptional audio listening experience with up to 115dB SNR, ensuring users get the best possible audio quality from their PC. The ALC1150 provides ten DAC channels that simultaneously support 7.1-channel sound playback, plus 2 channels of independent stereo sound output (multiple streaming) through the front panel stereo outputs.

Two stereo ADCs are integrated and can support a microphone array with Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Beam Forming (BF), and Noise Suppression (NS) technologies. The ALC1150 incorporates Realtek proprietary converter technology to achieve Front differential output 115dB Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR) playback (DAC) quality and 104dB SNR recording (ADC) quality.

+ Separation on the PCB layer protects the board’s sensitive analog audio components.+ Separate analog and digital ground to protect against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).+ LED trace path lighting illuminates to show the separation of the PCB layers.

Locating the right and left audio channels on separate PCB layers, GIGABYTE 9 Series G1™ gaming motherboards are able to eliminate channel crosstalk and maintain the best audio quality.
GIGABYTE G1™ Gaming motherboards also include Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 software suite. Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 software suite is a powerful audio platform offering premium audio quality, effects and features for gamers.

It features SBX Pro Studio™ suite of technologies, which is designed to give you the fullest audio experience.
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Last week we got the opportunity to head over to the GIGABYTE offices in Xindian, Taiwan and see what they're working on when it comes to the 4th Generation Intel Core series motherboards. While we know most of the information regarding models and chipset names, because of the official nature of this article, today we have to stick with referring to the whole platform as the "4th Generation Intel Core Series".

While a slight pain in the behind, we do try our best to follow the NDA's that we sign. So today we're looking at what GIGABYTE are calling AMP-UP Audio, and while I wasn't all that excited before I went to the event, I must admit that I walked out having discovered my next motherboard for my own personal system.
What we'll quickly do today is take a look at the showcase board that GIGABYTE used to show off the new feature and talk a bit about it and what my personal thoughts on it were.
Being an all-day event we started the day at GIGABYTE at around 10:30am with a couple of us looking a little worse for wear due to the dinner the night before.
We got taken up to one of the meeting rooms and were greeted with a large table, a bunch of chairs and your general presentation setup.
The day started with non-other than one of our favourite GIGABYTE personalities Colin Brix who took us through the new AMP-UP Audio features that are surrounded on the GIGABYTE 4th Generation Intel Core Series based motherboard.