Angular Vs Angularjs

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Angular and AngularJS are both web application developer languages. While Angular is based on Typescript as an alternative, AngularJS is often used to develop web-based dynamic applications. Angular is the upgraded version that is frequently used today. A few of its key attributes include ease of use, having an advanced modular construct, and quick speed compared to AngularJS.

Architectural Structure of AngularJS vis-a-vis Angular

On the other hand, AngularJS is based on Javascript and is utilized as the standard developer for all the v1.x subtypes of Angular. This mode was first created in 2009 and is popularly known as Angular 1. It is an open-source app development framework that can change static bases of HTML to dynamic versions of HTML.

The difference in Mobile support: AngularJS vs Angular

It also has various directors and filters packed along with it. The latest and upgraded Angular version is Angular 9, and the current stable version of AngularJS is 1.7.7.

Sr. No.AngularJSAngular
1AngularJS is a javascript-based open-source front-end framework that is largely used to create single-page applications on the web.Angular is a popular platform, typescript, and an open-source web application framework designed by Google for creating mobile and desktop web applications.
2The code of AngularJS is written in Javascript.The code of Angular is written in typescript.
3A hierarchical dependency injection system is utilized in AngularJS.A dependency injection system is not prefered in Angular.
4It’s applications are not mobile friendly.The applications created by Angular are mobile friendly.
5AngularJS utilizes @routeProvider to provide routing information.Angular uses @Route configuration which is used to define configuration and routing information.
6AngularJS is hard to handle with the increasing length of the source code.Angular code is easy to handle long code and applications.

In 2010, Google released Angular 1 or AngularJS. It attracted a lot of popularity and support immediately since it was very helpful in turning static HTML pages into interactive interfaces.

This highlighted the limitations of the earlier developed AngularJS framework.