Anycube 3d Printer

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I bought this for use in an Anycubic Photon printer (original) which I mainly use to print miniatures and terrain for tabletop gaming. I’ve previously used Anycubic clear green and Elegoo clear red and white resins which have given pretty good results, although they’ve often seemed a little ‘soft’ on detail, however this resin produces much cleaner, sharper prints. Prints with this seem to be more brittle, almost crystal like, than the others but the detail is sharper (I’m comparing these after priming so they’re all the same colour), for most of my prints this isn’t an issue although I’d be careful with any delicate pieces.
Odour wise this is very low, but you’ll still need to take all the precautions you’d normally take for resin (gloves, ventilation, eye protection etc) and it’s very low viscosity, similar to milk so flows well.
Overall this is the first resin that’s made me realise that 3D printed miniatures can match metal miniatures for detail.
The settings that work best on my printer (others may be different) are:
5 base layers @ 70 seconds
10 seconds per layer
The werebear in the image is from Asgard Rising on MyMiniFactory.