Anycubic 3d Printer Drivers

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The call of the times and the product of technology. Anycubic Vyper comes with a new 32-bit motherboard and a high-performance Cortex -M3 architecture main control chip, Vyper features faster computing speed and a smoother system.

The integration of the TMC2209 silent driver makes the motherboard have both silent printing and precise voltage output control, which ensures more accurate and silent printing. Vyper 3D printer adopted a new platform of a special coating combined with spring steel, which features non-deformation at high temperature, scratch-resistant coating and easy model removal by bending or popping.

  • Widely compatible with PLA/ABS/PETG/TPU filaments. ANYCUBIC Vyper printing head adopts a double fan two-way heat dissipation system, helping to cool down models rapidly, with faster printing speed (reach 100mm/s) at the same printing quality,compared with ordinary 3D printers.

Auto leveling is the big plus with the Vyper. Just press the button and let the magic happen. In this feature, the 3D printer travels 16 predefined locations to define the perfect distances from the heating bed.

This is possible via a pressure sensor, which is installed in the hot end. It detects as soon as the nozzle touches down on the print bed.

The precision is made possible by the sensor’s slight pressure sensitivity. The process takes a few minutes and you can start printing directly after it is finished.

no printer should come without it! The Vyper will auto-pause when it runs out of filament, and you can resume a print after a power outage or shutdown.

This not only saves time but also materials waste. The machine can automatically compensate the difference of the hot bed to make Z-axis zeroing more accurate.

The screen features new UI interface, smooth and simple operation as well as English and Chinese switching.

New UI; Large-size screen; Easy to operate.

M3 chip; High-speed computing; Silent printing; 32-bit main frequency: 72M; 8-bit main frequency: 16M.

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