Anycubic Chiron Auto Leveling

Posted on  by admin
My Chiron just will not auto-level properly at all! When I run the auto-level process, the printer will probe the first 2-3 points no problem. Then for each point onwards, it will randomly either probe properly, or just move up a couple CMs and move on to the next point! If a few of these glitches happen in a row (which is usually the case) the printhead will keep moving higher and higher, one time goin up about half of the Z axis! If there's no fix for this, then is there at least a way to modify the 25-point leveling calibration WITHOUT using the crappy touchscreen? Lowering a value between 12 and 45, 0.05 at a time 10+ times with a tiny unresponsive touchscreen is brutal. Anycubic’s Chiron is a large-volume desktop 3D printer kit developed by the Chinese company Anycubic. This extrusion 3D printer has a touchscreen and a heated print bed that can reach 100°C. Anycubic has taken the frame design popularized by the C-reality CR-10 and tweaked it somewhat. The Chiron remains a slew of appealing features, like a quick heating bed and an Ultra base coating for sticky print bliss.