Anycubic Chiron Manual Leveling

Posted on  by admin

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if anyone with the Anycubic Chiron can chime in on what steps they did to level the bed on the Chiron?

For example 1.Manual leveling 2. Auto leveling

I’m getting uneven layers with shifting after attempting the manual leveling, I noticed that all 4 corners I got correct but the center was away from the nozzle, but I know that it’s probably my first layer that is causing the issue.

I tried the auto leveling after and noticed that it’s okay but not sure what your first layer looks like, I mean I followed the steps on the book but the picture doesn’t really help.

Is the first layer a bit transparent or is it a thin line

Also if you can include how your first layer looks like on the Chiron?

Thank you guys