Anycubic Extruder Zerlegen

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Hello Thingiverse. A few months after I got myAnycubic i3 Mega S 3D printer, I noticed a small clicking noise while printing. It's been a few months since then, and I still have no idea what the cause is. I've noticed poor print quality lately as well, but that may be due to unrelated factors. One of the most mysterious attributes about this issue is that the machine (or possibly the print itself) will keep clicking for ~30 seconds after the print completes, even when the extruder is not moving or touching the print. Out of the common causes for this issue, I've ruled out:

Extruder too close to print bed - I've re-leveled my bed multiple times, and the clicking issue continues across all layers, not just the first few.

Extrusion temperature incorrect - I've printed at various temperatures and the issue persists across all

Printing too fast - printing at slower speeds makes no difference

Nozzle blockage/PFTE failure - this one I'm the least sure about. I've tried cleaning my nozzle (though I don't know if it worked) and it made no difference. Additionally, when I just let the printer extrude without printing anything specific, the plastic seems to come out in a steady, straight stream. Also, as said earlier, the issue persists for a few seconds after the printer stops extruding.

Issues with motors or gears in the printer - The issue continues after movement from the printer has stopped.

Wet or poor quality filament - This was the issue I most recently suspected to be the cause, since I was noticing other symptoms of wet filament, like stringing, uneven layers, and brittle prints. I bought new filament yesterday, and prints using it have stopped the stringing and other issues, but the clicking persists.

At this point I really have no idea what could be causing this noise. It happens around once or twice a minute at least, and sometimes once every few seconds. Does anyone have any ideas to what is causing this problem or ways to find out? Thanks in advance.

I initially posted this on reddit but it's been a few days and no one has responded, so I doubt anyone ever will. Here's to hoping the people here check new posts more often. Crossing my fingers...