Anycubic Mega Pro Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch

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AnyCubic makes decent yet well priced 3D printers, and with each release, the functions and features of their machines take a leap forward. This has made AnyCubic and their Mega series one of the most popular printer ranges out there. Not only are they good, but they're highly updatable, with many guides online showing how to push these sub $350 printers to compete with the industry's best.

The AnyCubic Mega Pro features an ultra-sturdy metal frame, upgraded extruder, hotend, ultra-quiet motor drivers and advanced features that pitch this printer well beyond its price point.

Not only do the 3D print specifications look good, but AnyCubic has devised an ingenious laser engraving option that piggybacks onto the print head, and this comes as standard.

Anleitung in Deutsch für den Anycubic i3 MEGA

The Mega Pro follows the usual three-axis 3D printer design, with the print base moving back and forth along the Y-axis and the print head sliding across the x and rising through the Z-axis.

This gives the printer a relatively slim front profile that makes it easy to position on a desk or work surface.

A growing design theme for 3D printers are the enclosed electronics that keeps wires, motors and control boards all tucked neatly. The Mega Pro also shows the evolution of 3D printer functionality with a convenient touch screen on the front, making it easy to navigate and understand.