Anycubic Mega Pro Firmware Update

Posted on  by admin

So I have been trying to figure out what the prober way to do a firmware update is. I had a bed issue that has been resolved ( Thank you Reddit!), however when I originally contacted anycubic support they told me to update the firmware(not sure why , but moving on). They sent me a video and told me I had to take the motherboard out of the printer and move a jumper from DC to USB. Then plug into my computer. I asked if I could just plug the USB while the motherboard is installed in the printer… but they seem to refuse to answer this question.

Below is the video anycubic sent me saying to take motherboard out of printer:.

Here is an older Video showing I can just plug it in:. So I guess my question is, do I really have to take the motherboard out of my anycubic mega x to do a firmware update ?

Or can I just plug in USB as is ?