Anycubic Mega Pro Firmware

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Has anyone compiled Knutwurst 1.4.3 firmware or similar to run Mega Pro features/laser on a Mega S (has DGUS display and five A4988 stepper drivers)?

I ask because my Mega Pro is performing well as my FDM printer, and I have a spare Mega S with bed and extruder issues that I'd love to use the laser on instead.

I may compile it myself down the road but if anyone has already achieved success, please let me know!

Alternately I could replace the X and Y A4988s with TMC2208s but that would be my second choice.

  1. Connect the Anycubic via USB.
  2. Create a new device based on the "Marlin" firmware
  3. Set space to 210x130
  4. Use USB/Serial port (ttyUSB0)
  5. Test the communication by pressing the Home Button in the "Laser" tab

Setup the Z-Axis setting

  1. Go to the Device Settings
  2. Enable Z axis
  3. Enable Pointer Offset and set it to Y = 80
  4. Add start GCocde "G1 Z50", this is the focus point of the laser

Setup Laser

The Anycubic uses special Laser commands to turn on the laser:

G6 S0 - 0% laser

G6 S100 - 100% laser

  1. Device Settings using M106 M107 control commands
  2. Set S-Value max to 100
  3. save gcode file
  4. Add a G4 P0 (wait 0) before each G6 command, otherwise the command will be executed directly when sent over serial.
  5. Replace M106 with G6 in gcode file
  6. Use "RunGCode" with the file, prepared to use with Anycubic

That's it. Would be nice when Lightburn would support the Anycubic Mega Pro from scratch, I think I would then buy the software, because it is neat. I will try some things the next days.

I created a page with lightburn settings: