Anycubic Mega Pro Setup

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I own a Anycubic Mega Pro. I purchased this 3d printer and was very excited to use it. Not only did I buy it for the printing properties, it has the ability to laser engrave. It has an adaptable 1500mW laser that is a simple plug and play. There were crystal clear instructions for the printing part, but no one had made or discovered software that fit with the laser.

The hardest part about the laser is the file. The machine will only read .bmp, which made it very challenging. I soon found that if I used Paint 3d, the application would export the .bmp files.

The only issue is that the compatibly was very low and never saw the chance to expand it’s self. Further down the road, I was trying to learn more about this machine and its properties one day and discovered a website call ImagR.

This was a break through. When I imported images into Paint 3d, they were to ONLY be black and white symbols and text. With the ImagR, I have full-blown images that now allow the laser to fluctuate in power for shading purposes and unlock new possibilities.

I use for 90% of my work now and am so happy that I discovered it. But it not what I wanted. I want to physically cut out objects with straight lines. When I engrave my images now, it is only a back and fourth movement; progressively getting lower. I looked long and hard and found Lightburn. And there are issues that I am having.

I cannot connect my machine no matter how hard I’ve tried. As I said before, the machine only reads .bmp and would like to know how to extract it in that format.

Ultimaker Cura

Basic Settings: Height of Layer

I’ve read the other suggestions on here too about how to get the “Gcode” running properly.
Some of that help would be great too. I bought the subscription and I don’t want it to go to waste.
I am here writhing this for you asking for help.
Sorry for the long story.
Thank you for your time.