Anycubic Mega S Instructions

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This firmware works on many Anycubic brand 3D printers, in which a "Trigorilla" mainboard with an Atmega2560 was installed. The following are currently supported (as of November 2021):.

i3 Mega (first generation with only one Z limit switch). i3 Mega (second generation with two Z limit switches).

Mega S (first generation with Anycubic 1.0 display). Mega S (second generation with Anycubic 0.0.2 display). Mega X (first generation with DWIN / DGUS II display).

Mega X (second generation with Anycubic 0.0.2 display). Mega Pro (Mega S with laser, BMG extruder and TMC drivers on X and Y.

The Anycubic 0.0.2 display is always used). Chiron (first generation with Anycubic 1.0 display). Chiron (second generation with Anycubic 0.0.2 display).

4MAX Pro (first generation made out of plastic with 270x210x190mm build volume).

4MAX Pro v2 (second generation of the 4MAX Pro with BMG direct extruder).

With every printer it is possible to operate it in its original state, or replace all stepper motor drivers with TMC22xx.

In addition, Autoleveling sensors such as the BLTouch retrofit. Since version 1.3.0 it is also possible to additionally integrate a Wifi module and thus to control the printer completely via a web interface.

If one of these upgrades applies to your own printer, a special firmware version must be installed for each.

As can be seen above, there are different printers with different displays. To find out which one you have, it is enough to switch on the printer and look at the colors, fonts and any animations that may be present.

Detailed information on the individual displays is available here. You can recognize it immediately after switching on. The background is white, the writing is blue.

This display was built into the i3 Mega, Mega S and Chiron for a long time and works very reliably. There are no known problems with the operation.