Anycubic Mega X Firmware Upgrade

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These are my notes for my own recollection on how to upgrade an Anycubic I3 Mega. It is not a guide, but if it saves you time great - but as always check everyting for yourself, this is as-is and at your own risk if you brick your printer or worse (though I have never seen a printer bricked yet due to firmware upgrades). This is not going into the nity-gritty details since I want to keep it condensed as much as possible. This is based on info from various places and most importantly the video that Ted Marozzi shared on how he upgraded his printer:.

This is what I have and the upgrades I plan to do:Tri-Gorilla Board V1.1 (see pics below)Upgrades:1.

TMC 2208 Stepper Drivers x,y,z,e2. Antclabls BLtouch V3.1According to the video, the I3 will loose it's dual z-endstops, and there is really no way around this since it will not have any Z-endstops after the BL Touch is installed.

They could probably be moved to the top as z-max endstops and serve the same function, but for simplicity sake the dual Z endstops will be dropped from this printer due to the upgrade.

All the parts were provided by a buddy who picked them up a while ago.

The BL Touch is genuine and the TMC2208's are from Ebay I think.