Anycubic Mega Zéro

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This review is for the Anycubic Mega Zero 3D Printer.
Packaging: The printer was very well packaged, there was no room for error when I opened it up. The only "issue" was the plastic bag that the printer parts was in, it wa torm, not a big deal, in all honesty, I was simply expecting a little more cleaner unwrapping event.
Assembly: It took about 2 hours for me to get this assembled, that was with distractions. It would have been better if the individual pieces were labeled. That is only due to the assembly instruction pictures being fairly small (my eyesight is not the best, even with glasses.)
Print Bed: Not sure why I didn't look more closely at the description as I thought it may have had a hot bed. The size is larger than most that I've briefly researched at 220mm x 220mm x 250mm (8.66142in x 8.66142in x 9.84252in). I would say that this makes for the possibility of a monstrous sized multi-piece miniature if one wanted to undertake such a job!
Filament: This is my first time, ever, with a 3D printer of any sort. I was not sure exactly what to expect; however, the test filament that arrived with the printer is fairly brittle. It actually did break a couple of times and as it was printing the owl test print, it sounded like it was going to break again.
Printing: After some trial and error, I discovered the reason I was having problems with the model staying on the bed ... there was no adhesive material to allow it to stick. It would have been a bonus had Anycubic had included a sample portion of adhesive glue to give a new, 1st time user of 3D printer in order to get started a bit more quickly. I found that a glue stick worked just fine, and as I get more practice, I'll have to remember to ensure that all print areas have a decent amount to ensure adhesion as one corner of the owl was a bit messed up in the first 2-3 layers.
Print Quality: I was not sure what to expect. I had heard of resin printers and the detail they have is better than FDM printers. The owl that I printed was not too bad. I could feel the small ridges of each layer, but they were barely noticeable for the most part, visually that is.
Other Filament: I have not had a chance to use any other filaments in this printer. I have heard of other types like PETG having less warping and being stronger than standard PLA (which I believe is the type that was shipped with the printer.
Overall: After working out a few kinks, due to user naivete, I was very happy with the print quality and once I learn more about how to best tweak the printer I hope to be able to make my print jobs go faster without loss of quality.
If I was able to give the precise rating for my experience with the printer thus far, I would say a 4.7/5.
If anything changes or I feel there needs to be update, I'll try to remember to do so.
I hope this review helps a purchaser with their decision, one way or antoher.