Anycubic Mega Zero 2 Parts

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I had a hell of a time figuring out which parts work as replacements for the Anycubic Mega Zero, as the parts aren't standardized with other more popular models. I wasn't able to find a lot of help online, as not many people are buying individual replacement parts for the Mega Zero, it seems.

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  • I thought I could make that go-to thread after some trial and error.
  • For one, maybe it will help someone else in the community, and for two- now I have a place to go back to and check again if I need replacements again.
  • Here is a list of parts that work as replacements for the Mega-Zero.
  • This isn't an endorsement of these particular brands, or the only parts that might work- But they are the parts I've used to get my machine running successfully again.

Anycubic Heated Bed Including Ultrabase

Smooth Throat / Heat break / with a 6M smooth cylinder and M6 thread:. This isn't quite the same size as stock, but the total volume is close enough. Larger blocks won't work, it seems, from trial and error. I'm guessing it's because our heating cartridge is only 12v. Larger blocks might work but I had no luck:. Heating cartridge, 12v, 40watt. These can replace the whole wire back to the motherboard, and after you've done that once, they'll be modular:.

Any 0.4mm nozzle should work, but these are the ones I bought. Get it on there TIGHT and not completely against the heat block, or else the heat block will leak and increase your problems:. This wires all the way back to the motherboard, but will not be modular afterwards:. THE BELOW PARTS ARE NOT TESTED YET, so they might not work.

I'm still looking for a good heatsink. Most of them I've found are a different size than what we need. I have some of these on hand, but they're shorter, and I'm afraid they're not going to work when it comes time. ALSO: the throat is a different size, so you'll have to do more shopping for that if you use these. In case they do work, I've included the link so that I can find them again, but I think I'll be shopping again once I do have a heatsink issue:. Also not installed yet, but here is replacement tubing I have on hand.

I have no reason to think it won't work:. If anyone else has any links to working replacements, please link in the comments. BondTech CHT Coated Nozzle M6 x 1.75 mm7 diameters. Higher melting capacity . High hotend compatibility.