Anycubic Mega Zero 2.0 Upgrades

Posted on  by admin

Hello everyone,

I'm newbie in 3D printing and just baught an ANYCUBIC MEGA ZERO 2.0 which I want to upgrade a little.

Reading posts here is very interesting and I've already found some answers to my questions.

In the post " Marlin Firmware Mega Zero v2 with heated bed" from jeffreycheung9999, I discovered that new firmware has already been developped by l0vader.

Looking on I found 2 hex files with a name beginning with anycubic_mega_zero2_melzi

I understand that those 2 files are for the "genuine" board, but what are the differences between the 2 and what are the supported features (like manual and automatic bed levelling, simple and smart filament sensor, ....)?

Thanks for you answers.