Anycubic Mono X Troubleshooting

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So, just like many people, I just got my Mono X. I've got everything set up, but not the wifi.

I followed the instructions on the USB stick, created a WIFI.txt with the appropriate info on it but I keep getting an error.

It keeps going to: Link AP failed, and then it shows the default anycubic wifi settings (which was obviously not on the wifi.txt file).

Any thoughts on what I'm missing? SOLVED: So apparently two things: My USB stick was incorrectly formatted (exFAT) so I had to format it to FAT32, and then I had to 'print' the txt file with wifi settings and that got everything working.

It’s not a shocking divulgence that Resin 3D printing gives astonishing print quality and objective over FDM.

There’s a slight assumption to assimilate data for the people who have never used an SLA/DLP 3D printer, but this obstacle is vanquished quickly in light of the undeniable documentation, working on the web network, and other online resources.

The Anycubic Photon DLP 3D Printer has emerged as the most captivating option accessible. Anycubic has picked up a reputation for building strong and user-friendly printers like the Anycubic i3 Mega FDM 3D printer.

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Things You Might NeedAnycubic Photon Build Plate. Symptoms*.photon cut document arranged in anycubic/chitu slicer v1.3.6 or Chitubox isn’t identified or won’t print on a unique Photon printer.

Check the firmware version of the printer, if it shows v3.4.x, at that point, you can be sure that your printer is not a unique Photon. There are other Photon printers, which are called a Fauxton.

These are new printers that resemble a unique Photon. If your printer is not a fauxton printer, then you should contact the salesperson or showroom.

But first, check your motherboard and firmware carefully. It’s the only way to determine whether you have the correct printer or not.

Attempt to reslice your model and acquire *.pws yield records. These are the lone records that will print on a Fauxton.

If you think you have been sold one of these new printers without your knowing, you should contact your Seller to see if it is the issue.

Printing freezes, aimlessly focuses, resets home screen.

Irregular freezes with error code. Record program not showing any models. USB key light pointer is off, yet connected (it ought to consistently be on.). On the off chance that you squirm the USB key, you can peruse documents once more.

Supplant stock USB key with a realized decent marked one, formatted to FAT32.

Just have one document on USB, utilizing short name and no non english characters or spaces.

Chances are that difficulty actually happens when you may have an inadequate USB augmentation link or flawed mainboard.

Test with another USB Extension link. You can undoubtedly get to this by eliminating the four screws holding the back vent board.

UNPLUG POWER BEFORE DOING THIS! Unplug the male connector to the mainboard and plug in a substitution, at that point plug in your USB key.

On the off chance that this fixes the issue. If not, contact Anycubic for substitution link as it utilizes an extraordinary outer mount.

On the off chance that you have a little USB key, you can plug it straightforwardly to the mainboard for testing, (Not suggested as a perpetual arrangement.).

On the off chance that the issue isn’t tackled with a substitution USB link, at that point you may have a defective mainboard.

Contact Anycubic quickly for a substitution or new machine.

Firmware updates won’t address the USB issue in this case.

Prior to printing attempt to eliminate power link with no USB connected, sit tight for 1 min at that point plug force and USB back in.

Conceivable reason may be IC Memory cradle issue, unplugging the force should reset it.

Check if printer driver reference voltage is between 1.07V to 1.16V.

If not, tune it to around those figures.

Check power supply unit (PSU) version.

Early versions are known to be broken.

Supplant with another 12V 6A unit.

The Anycubic Photon Slicer as of now doesn’t uphold integrated illustrations driver, or goals above 2K.

The fabricate plate effectively inclines side to side in any event, when grub/mount screw is fixed,.

The construct plate sits excessively high from the FEP and can’t bring down any further.

Dismantle fabricate plate get together, clean and reset rotating conjuncture.

Check your assemble plate mount screws.