Anycubic Photon Mono File Type

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Hello everyone,. I'm sure my topic has been answered in the past, so sorry in advance for it :D. I have a new Photon Mono, printed the test object successfully (a fancy cube registered in the USB stick as TEST.pwmo).

Where to download the open-source code for Photon Workshop?

I have sliced my file with both Chitubox and Photon Workshop. However they don't save the files as pwmo.

How to use Photon Workshop

  1. Chitubox saves them as .photon, and the given software in pws :( It looks like the printer only recognizes pwmo files, like the test :( I've tried different USB sticks, formated them in FAT32..
  2. Nothing seems to work. Could you please help me? Thanks a lot <3.
  3. I got this printer during Black Friday, along with 1kg of basic resin.
  4. First, let me say that once you find the right settings (exposure, etc), and once you learn how to place supports on your models, this printer will blow your mind.
  5. I have been printing almost non stop since I got it and it’s been the most joyful and rewarding 3D printing experience I’ve ever had.
  6. I have experimented with 0.01mm layer height, and at this resolution you no longer get print lines… your prints come out slightly grainy which is a good sign!


  • I say this is a winner through and through, and I’m excited to see what Anycubic comes out with this year.
  • This printer is a huge step up from FDM/FFM (usually melted plastic) printers, but please take some time preparing before you start if you want a good experience.


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Anycubic support is excellent, and there is a large Facebook group full of Anycubic Photon owners willing to give advice and to help you troubleshoot any issues.

The printer comes assembled, and isn’t difficult to level once you understand the process.

Prints take a while, but I often go to work and come home to a full build platform ready for post-processing.