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4K monochrome LCD. The Anycubic Photon Mono X is one of the first 8.9 inch LCD printers to have a newly developed 4K monochrome LCD display.

With this new technology, the Photon Mono X prints at unbelievable printing speeds so that it only needs 1-2 seconds per layer - compared to conventional LCD 3D printers with 7-8 seconds per layer.

  • The monochrome LCD is also thermally stable and has a much longer service life than conventional LCD displays.
  • You can print up to over 2000 hours with it!
  • Despite the large installation space, the Anycubic Photon Mono X has a very high precision of up to 50 microns, which is achieved thanks to the high 4K resolution.
  • In combination with anti-aliasing, you can create large and very detailed works of art.
  • New matrix light source.

    The new matrix light source has been redesigned and consists of several UV LED lights that have a more even exposure. This not only improves accuracy but also enables faster exposure times and better heat dissipation. Anycubic App Remote Control. The Photon Mono X has a WiFi module, so you have much more convenient connectivity than conventional 3D printers.

    You can also connect your Photon Mono X using the Anycubic app, where you can monitor your printing process or adjust the print settings.

    Dual linear rail. With the enlarged building platform, increased stability is also a very important addition. Following the trend of its smaller LCD counterparts, the Photon Mono X has two linear rails on its vertical axis to ensure that the build platform remains level throughout the printing process.

    Own slicing software.

    The self-developed slicer software from Anycubic is far more superior in speed and operation compared to various other slicer freeware. The software also supports anti-aliasing for nicer printouts.

    UV cooling system. An integrated cooling system for the UV exposure unit to increase printing performance and service life.

    Other features:. Qualitative power supply. Automatic shut down when opening the top cover. 3.5-inch touchscreen. Details down to 50 microns. Structured platform for better adhesion. Marking in the metal resin tank for max.

    Anycubic is a Shenzhen-based 3D technology company that specialises in making low-cost 3D printers.

    Anycubic's philosophy is that 3D printers should be affordable and accessible to everyone as everyone deserves the freedom to bring their ideas, creativity and imagination to life. The company, therefore, strives to make 3D printing solutions available to users all over the world and thus to create freedom of design and application.

    In our shop, you will find high-quality FDM and resin printers from Anycubic, which impress with their good print quality and an unbeatable price-performance ratio, as well as practical gadgets for post-processing and spare parts.

    4K monochrome LCD . Large build volume . Fast print speeds . Delivery by May 05 . For vivid 6K detail . Impressive print speeds . Powerful light matrix . Delivery by May 05 .

    Filament sensor .

    Intuitive touchscreen . Delivery by May 05 . Large installation space . Monochrome LCD .

    Delivery by May 05 .

    • 2 in 1 solution . 360 ° treatment .
    • Delivery by May 05 . Filament detection .
    • Resume print feature .
    • Delivery by May 05 .
    • Automatic levelling .
    • Magnetic PEI platform .
    • Delivery by May 05 . Anycubic Heated Bed Including Ultrabase2 Model types.
    • Delivery by May 05 . High stability . Smart features .