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I have a small issue with USB-Sticks for the Photon-S. The Original 4Gb Stick works fine. I suppose the original is an USB2 Stick. I want to have a stick with both 2 Connectors (USB-A & USB-C), because my main Computer has only USB-C Connectors. I got a Sandisk "Ultra Dual Drive Luxe" 32Gb and the USB-A Connector has a blue indication that it is USB3.

I reformat the USB-Stick as FAT32. /dev/disk3 (external, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *30.8 GB disk3 1: DOS_FAT_32 PHOTON-S 30.8 GB disk3s1. When I insert it in a running Photon-S the LCD is blocked! When I switch the Photon-S Off & On, the Printer gives a Beep Tone which doesn't stop?

What is wrong?- Doesn't the Photon-S doesn't Support 32Gb Size?- Doesn't the Photon-S doesn't Support USB3 Size?

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It is slightly difficult the get old fashioned USB-Stick with USB2 an small sizes (e.g.

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I want really an USB Stick with USBA for the 3D Printer and USB-C for my MacBook Pro. I don't want to use extra USB Docks!!!

  • Further I don't trust to reformat the original Drive. It has a very cryptic "Chinese Name" ?!? I don't want to lose the connection to my printer. It looks that I am not the only person with such an issue; … ts_do_not/. Modified1 year, 2 months ago. I have a new Photon S that I was able to print twice with so far. I've only been able to print the sample file on the Anycubic web site.
  • When I tried to print my first custom object, it wouldn't read the file. It would just popup a message saying "Failed to open file!"
  • I thought that my file might have a problem with it so I tried to print the sample file that I already printed successfully.

Irregular Resets/Memory Errors/USB Read Problems

  • I read that it only supports 16 GB drives so I tried one and it didn't work.
  • I asked people on the FB page which drives they are using successfully and the SanDisk Cruzer was recommended.
  • I got two 8 GB versions of those.
  • One worked intermittently, the other didn't. I bought a USB tester to check the voltage and found that the voltage was 4.99 coming from an empty port.
  • When I inserted the drive that worked, it dropped to 4.92. The drive that didn't work dropped to 4.93.
  • I asked a fellow Photon S owner what his reads and it was 5.15 empty and 5.11 with a drive in it.
  • My PC has a voltage of 5.20. All of these voltages are within the range of the USB standard but I think my sub 5 volt value has something to do with the failure.
  • Does anyone out there (an EE) know what's really wrong and has an actual solution or can tell me what I should look for?
  • I know that there are a lot of guesses in the community. Stick with max of 16 GB. Try different sticks.

Check internal cable (I also inserted the drive directly into the motherboard), etc.

  • Communicating with a USB drive shouldn't be guess work as long as the drive is of good quality. The guy I asked uses a 32 GB stick which is the FAT32 limit for the standard Windows formatter. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • 8787 bronze badges. Finally making the leap and joining reddit because I am in need of some assistance and advice. My Anycubic Photon came in yesterday and I followed all of the setup instructions and it seemed to be going really well.
  • However, when it came time to run my first test print, the file didn't seem to be on the USB. There was a file showing up though, so I just went with that one, thinking it was a translation error or something else was up.
  • Something printed, but it appeared to be four 2 inch squares with several different.. appendages (???) coming off of it, like testing for textures. I didn't really think anything of it until I tried to upload a different file to the USB to try to print after that one was a (mostly) success.
  • I uploaded the sliced files to the USB from 'Anycubic Photon Slicer' and went to my work space to find that it wasn't reading any of the files.
  • I assumed I had made a formatting error of some kind but after trying every available file type on chitubox and the branded slicer..

Slicer Won’t Display Model/Does Not Work

I'm not really sure what to do. Why would only one file show up on the initial USB load?

Free Build Plate/Plate Too High

  • And why won't any show up now? Some things I have tried to troubleshoot in this process:.
  • Reformatting the given USB. Using a different USB. Reformatting the different USB.
  • Trying a THIRD unrelated USB. Making the system was plugged in and turned on.
  • Put in a support ticket to Anycubic ( no response yet, I expect not to get one for a while though tbh).
  • Not sure how to proceed, any thoughts or advice?
  • Thanks in advance!
  • Fix three additional screws inside that help secure the rotating conjuncture.
  • Make a point to clear out any resin with IPA or different solvents.
  • All screws should be tight.
  • Realign and change the fabricated plate.
  • On the off chance that you can’t fix down the construct plate with the grub screw, ensure there isn’t two tightens there.

Z Wobble/Non-Random Layer Artifacts

  • Non-irregular layer antiquities were noticeable on surfaces regardless of the direction of print.
  • Predictable banding lines around 2mm separated.
  • Predictable distorted prints.
  • To begin with, take a stab at cleaning the lead screw (Z pole) and reapply with great quality thick oil.
  • FEP film might be loose. Fix the FEP.
  • Supplant the FEP film.
  • Fix the whimsical roller of the slide block.
  • The metal nut of the lead screw might be loose or not situated appropriately. Eliminate, clean, reset and fix the four screws.
  • Bowed or distorted engine dampener/pad. Open back vent incubate, check and supplant if fundamental.
  • Engine mount causing the lead screw to be askew or not opposite to LCD glass. Fix the two screws that hold the engine. Some of the time, relaxing the two screws marginally may give an impermanent fix.
  • Supplant whole coordinated engine lead screw gathering.

Layer Shifting/Shearing On LCD During Print

  • Just happens on specific prints, contingent upon arrangement as well as calculation.
  • Prints seem as though they have been cut/cut and moved onto another piece of the assemble plate.
  • Layer pictures on LCD look sheared and don’t compare to layer pictures indicating effectively on touchscreen.
  • Checking the Photon document uncovers no issues.
  • Firmware bug influencing all firmware aside from v4.0.11 (Fixed in 4.2.18+)
  • Do a ‘dry run’ and use a timelapse camera to check if the LCD pictures move or shears during print.
  • The recommended fix is to overhaul firmware to 4.2.18+

Anycubic Photon Slicer Does Not Display STL

  • Anycubic Photon Slicer Does Not Run
  • LCD screen displays Only Half Screen
  • LCD shows just a large portion of the screen, touchscreen show shows effectively. (This not identified with glimmering LCD issue)
  • Update show driver.
  • Reinstall slicer program.
  • Reinstall C++ conveyance library.
  • Check if all link associations are situated effectively.
  • Contact to Anycubic Support.
  • Update or reflash firmware acquired from the Anycubic site.

Squares Print Rhomboid, Circles Are Skewed

SymptomsA shape when printed ends up being not entirely squared. Chambers have a lean.

  • Watch that the rail section is opposite to the red base plate. It very well might be a little degree off, and could be inclining forward or to the sides, or a blend.
  • Utilize a little specialist’s square to check precisely. On the off chance that the segment is inclining it will make prints slant.
  • Change the 4 mounting jolts for the section, you may need to release and fix so the segment is entirely vertical. It takes some experimentation to take care of business. If not, you should shim the segment base.

Fabricate Plate Does Not Reach Z0 Bottom

  • In the wake of leveling and setting Z=0 effectively, prints actually fall flat.
  • Check if the carriage arm is hitting the highest point of the tank divider and is accordingly kept from arriving at Z0 to the lower part of the tank.
  • A basic fix is to add 4 washers as spacers to the 4 screws that safe the construct plate to the rotating conjuncture gathering.
  • Lethargic Z Carriage, LCD Inactive, Dead Fans.
  • On boot, Z carriage doesn’t move, touchscreen Z controls are lethargic. LCD test shows nothing on screen, fans are dead.
  • Terrible closure, or force interference, regardless of how slight in some cases makes defilement the EEPROM.
  • Download the production line defaults gcode record and reflash EEPROM.
  • Or on the other hand, update the firmware.

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