Anycubic Photon Won't Read Usb

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I have a small issue with USB-Sticks for the Photon-S. The Original 4Gb Stick works fine. I suppose the original is an USB2 Stick. I want to have a stick with both 2 Connectors (USB-A & USB-C), because my main Computer has only USB-C Connectors. I got a Sandisk "Ultra Dual Drive Luxe" 32Gb and the USB-A Connector has a blue indication that it is USB3. I reformat the USB-Stick as FAT32. /dev/disk3 (external, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *30.8 GB disk3 1: DOS_FAT_32 PHOTON-S 30.8 GB disk3s1.

When I insert it in a running Photon-S the LCD is blocked! When I switch the Photon-S Off & On, the Printer gives a Beep Tone which doesn't stop? What is wrong?- Doesn't the Photon-S doesn't Support 32Gb Size?- Doesn't the Photon-S doesn't Support USB3 Size? It is slightly difficult the get old fashioned USB-Stick with USB2 an small sizes (e.g. I want really an USB Stick with USBA for the 3D Printer and USB-C for my MacBook Pro.

I don't want to use extra USB Docks!!! Further I don't trust to reformat the original Drive.

  1. It has a very cryptic "Chinese Name" ?!?

  2. I don't want to lose the connection to my printer.

  3. It looks that I am not the only person with such an issue; … ts_do_not/.

  4. as the title said,i received my printer something like 5 days ago.

  5. After few prints the machine all of a sudden won't read any usb stick.i formatted the two usb stick i tried (the stock one that came with the printer and another one i have here) and i did check the usb cable insiede the machine following the Anycubic video about it.Everything looks in normal working conditions.When i try to contact Anycubic they ask for the Order ID but whatever number i insert in that field it returns an error.

  6. im starting to be quite pissed -.-. i was about to unleash my fury on the Anycubic customer service, then i tried one last thing!

i updated to the last Firmware (v5.0.2) and magically the printer is now working again!

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