Anycubic Printable Files

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  1. If you’re looking for an entry-level resin printer to get you started in the world of 3D printing, you can’t do much better than the AnyCubic Photon M3.
    This easy-to-use machine can be assembled and calibrated in no time at all – even if you’re a complete novice.
  2. The instruction booklet will take you through everything step-by-step, though when you get to the part where you’re told to print the provided test model we’d recommend not doing that (more on that in the Performance section).
    Along with your AnyCubic Photon M3 you’ll get a mask, latex gloves, and a few printing accessories like scrapers and resin funnels.
  3. The only thing missing is some UV resin, but once you’ve got that you’ll be good to go.
    Place this machine in a well-ventilated workspace and you’ll be able to print some incredibly detailed models because of its 7.6-inch 4K+ LCD screen.
  4. The only downside when it comes to printing is that the maximum volume is a little on the small side at just 180 x 163.9 x 102.4mm / 7 x 6.5 x 4-inches.
    That said, considering that the AnyCubic Photon M3 is priced at just $299 (about £275 / AU$480) it’s a relatively minor limitation if you’re after a budget-friendly 3D printer – especially as the M3 makes relatively few compromises in other departments.
  5. Compact machine, but poorly placed USB port.
    Touchscreen control panel. AnyCubic’s Photon M3 is a single-screw resin printer, with a yellow-colored hood to keep your liquid resin from hardening prematurely due to external UV light.
  6. The device arrives in a well-packaged box, with foam and plastic keeping it protected from dents and scratches during shipping.
    Once you open it up, putting everything together takes a matter of minutes.
  7. There’s barely anything to assemble – you just have to attach the build plate and tray to the printer, and screws are a piece of cake to install without any assistance.
    The calibration process is simple too if you follow the instructions.
  8. On the front of the printer is the touchscreen control panel, and on the right side is the USB port, into which you can plug a stick containing the various designs you want to create.
    This port is the source of our only major design gripe, as we’d prefer it to be on the front, to avoid having the stick jut out in an awkward direction.
  9. If you’ve measured your workspace and you’ve only got barely enough space for this machine (it measures 425 x 269 x 256mm / 16.7 x 10.6 x 10.1 inches) you might need to rethink your 3D printer choice, as you’ll need a few inches on the side to leave room for the USB stick.
    Along with the printer, you get a few accessories in the box to help with your first builds.
  10. There are some latex gloves to keep the resin off your hands, paper filters to help with cleaning resign, a face mask to provide some protection against fumes, and a USB drive that’s loaded with the software you need to slice STLs.
    For the uninitiated, this software chops (or slices) your 3D model (which is typically saved as an STL) into many hundreds of layers and packages them into a separate file that the Photon M3 can read.
  11. When you then print that new file, the M3 will go layer by layer steadily forming the object out of resin.
    On top of the items above you’ll also find two scrapers, one made of metal and another of plastic.
  12. We’d recommend opting for the plastic scraper to remove your printed models from the build plate unless it’s absolutely necessary, as the metal one can cause damage if you aren’t careful.
    If you’re trying to remove failed prints from the FEP sheet in the resin tray, then ignore the metal scrapper completely.
  13. 4K+ 7.6-inch LCD screen. Includes Photon Workshop slicing software on USB stick.
    No air filter or rubber seal.
  14. The Photon M3 uses a 7.6-inch LCD with a 4K+ resolution (4,096 x 2,560 pixels).
    You’ll get an XY resolution of 0.04mm, or 40 microns – here the smaller the number the better, as it leads to finer detailing in your prints.