Anycubic Printer Files

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  • Parametric IPA Tank Strainer Basket.
  • HMMH - Hour Meter, Magnetic Heater. Filtre ANYCUBIC Photon.
  • Anycubic photon VAT drip bracket.
  • 13mm Calibrator for FEP Film Replacement Anycubic Photon.
  • Resin Tray FEP Tension Jig.
  • Anycubic Photon Printable Resin Tray. Anycubic Photon Lid Holder.
  • AnyCubic Photon Backplate (with Fan duct bypass).
  • Photon LCD Defect Mapper. Vat stand and Filter Rig.
  • Anycubic Photon Fan Delete Cover.
  • Funnel Resin - Anycubic Photon - Prusa SL1. Anycubic Photon - Resintankschutz.
  • Anycubic Photon Secure Vat Cover.
  • Photon Heater Stand - also for other similar machines.
  • Anycubic Photon rear vent adapter with fan.
  • Anycubic Photon VAT drainer.
  • Anycubic Photon Resin VAT Cover.
  • Anycubic photon Spatula holder. Anycubic Photon Vat Lid Cover.
  • Anycubic Photon Cover.
  • Model: Anycubic i3 Mega. Firmware: 1.1.0.
  • Slicer: Cura 3.4.1. I need a bit of help because I cannot find my gcode files on the printer.
  • I just set up the printer and was able to print the test owl that came on the SD card just fine.
  • I then used Cura to slice a model and uploaded it to the SD card.
  • Once I put the card back in the printer, the printer registers that an SD card is inserted, but neither of the files show up on the print selection screen.

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