Anycubic Slicing Software

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Resin based 3D printers such as the Anycubic Photon can employ a lot more slicers than one might believe. Check out the greatest Anycubic Photon slicer options in this article.


The Photon model of 3D printers make use of SLA print technology. They are considered excellent for first-time users.


  1. From the initial Photon to the latest and advanced Photon Mono X to the most compact and economical in the series, the Photon Zero.
  2. The range of 3D printers from Anycubic has evolved over time to lower the entry obstacles in SLA printing.
  3. These series of Photon printers come with the Photon Workshop slicer to get one started right away.
  4. This software for slicing is bundled in the USB memory drive.
  5. It performs a good job at producing models in the file format (.photon), that the Photon series printers understand.
  6. The positions for a print head to go to, the speed, and amount of filament to use are all included in the 3D printer’s G-code file.

MeshMixer for 3D Printing

  • This is standard for an FDM 3D printer. As one might expect, resin printers provide a different output.
  • These printers direct light in precise spots for curing the resins subject to photo sensitivity.

The Z-Suite from Zortrax

NanoDLP and Print Manager

An SLA printer’s sliced file is made up of numerous “images,” each of which represents a very narrow cross-section of the object.

As each is cured, it will eventually become a layer of the final output.

Obviously, this type of result necessitates the use of a unique slicer.