Are Generac Engines Any Good

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Quality equipment and highly rated products are a top concern for backup generators. Homeowners, business owners, industrial and healthcare industries all rely on dependable backup power. Are Generac generators good? When considering whether to invest the cost of full-home standby generators or commercial power applications, quality counts. Generac Holdings, Inc.

has been the nation’s top producer of generators since 1959. They offer generators for homeowners and business & industry with currently over 5,600 employees. Generac generators are very well regarded in the industry and are fantastic for most consumers. Generac products include the following, but are not limited to:. Home backup power generators. Mobile generators. Portable backup generators. Pressure washers.

Industrial generators. The following lists 11 questions and points to consider while detailing what you should know before opening your wallet. In 1959, Robert D. Kern founded Generac Holdings in Wales, Wisconsin. Generac became the first company to make home standby generators affordable. They made their first automatic home standby generator in 1989, and today, every 8 out of 10 homes featuring a standby generator is a Generac.