Audi Ami Update Download

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Audi Ami Update Download

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Audi Ami Update Download

I have just updated maps on my Audi MMI 3g from 2018 to 2019. Here is the link with the last year update, where I used also the activator: https://www.youtub. Ami SW downgrade or reloading. Looking for firmware update for MMI 3G HDD. is an independent Audi enthusiast website owned and operated.

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Hi all,
I have spent the last two days searching around for answers with no luck for my specific vehicle. I have a 2012 A4 Avant 2.0 Quattro with Audi Concert and NO Nav.
Version information shows:
HW: H06
SW: 0351
I currently have multiple issues with connecting to my iPhone 6s and hope that updating the MMI will improve the experience. Again, I did search quite a long time before posting this. If it is simple and I missed it, please accept my apologies as I know people don't like lazy posters. I might be a bad searcher but not a lazy one.
Can Anyone help me figure this out?
Thank you in advance.