Autodesk 3ds Max 2017

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Some aspects of the Autodesk 3ds Max software product installation process are unique to the 3ds Max product.

Important: Before you choose to install the 3ds Max product, verify your system meets the minimum system requirements and your hardware meets the minimum requirements to run the product, and make sure to read the Release Notes.

See 3ds Max System Requirements and Certified Hardware, and the 3ds Max Release Notes.

3ds Max Language Support

You can choose to install 3ds Max in any of the following languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese

See About Languages and Language Packs

Product Components, Tools, & Utilities

The following table shows the 3ds Max components.

Note: Autodesk ® Composite is not included in the 3ds Max product installation. You can download Composite from the Autodesk Exchange Apps at: Autodesk Exchange Apps for Autodesk 3ds Max Store.

Topics in this section
  • About the Autodesk Material Libraries
    The Autodesk Material Libraries are shared libraries installed with Autodesk products such as AutodeskInventor, AutodeskAutoCAD, AutodeskRevit and 3ds Max.
  • About Autodesk Backburner
    AutodeskBackburner is the 3ds Max network-rendering management software, also used by products such as Autodesk®Flame® and Autodesk®Smoke®.
  • Installing 3ds Max on a Windows OS
    The installation, activation, and registration of the 3ds Max software on a Windows OS is identical to the installation and registration of other Autodesk software products running on a Windows OS.
  • Related Information

Autodesk Product and Component Distribution in 3ds Max
3ds Max
Components, Tools, & Utilities Installed by default Installed by default but optional Optional
Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 SDK X
Autodesk Desktop App X

Network License Manager


Autodesk Material Library 2017


Autodesk Material Library 2017 – Base Image Library


Autodesk Material Library 2017 – Medium Resolution Library


Autodesk® Backburner™ 2017

Autodesk® Inventor® Server Engine for 3ds Max 2017 X
Autodesk® Revit® Interoperability for Autodesk 3ds Max X
Autodesk® Populate Data for 3ds Max 2017 X
Autodesk Civil View X
Service Packs X
NVIDIA mental ray and IRay rendering plugins for 3ds Max 2017 X
NVIDIA mental ray and IRay feature plugins for 3ds Max 2017 X