Axios Form Data

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Multipart/Form-Data is one of the encoding types that allows files to be included in your form data before it's transferred to the server for processing.

Other encoding types can be used to achieve non-file transfers:. application/x-www-form-urlencoded - Encodes data as a query string - separating key-value pairs (assigned with =), with symbols such as &.

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multipart/form-data - Allow files to be included in a form data.

text/plain - It sends data as plain text (without encoding) and is mostly used for debugging, not production.

And any of this can be added to an HTML form tag via the (optional) enctype attribute:.

They operate in a fairly straightforward manner, and you're likely to have seen them employed with an HTML
tag before, though, the default works well for most cases so the attribute is commonly omitted.