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Get all data from GET Request.

Get a single object data value from GET Request. Below is a quick set of examples to show how to send HTTP GET requests to an API using the axios HTTP client which is available on npm. Other HTTP examples available:. Axios: POST, PUT, DELETE.

Fetch: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. React + Axios: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. React + Fetch: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

Vue + Axios: GET, POST. Vue + Fetch: GET, POST. Angular: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. Blazor WebAssembly:GET, POST.

With the npm CLI: npm install axios. With the yarn CLI: yarn add axios. This sends an HTTP GET request to the npm api to search for all axios packages using the query q=axios, then writes the total from the response to the #get-request .result element so it's displayed on the page.

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Example Axios GET request at

This sends a GET request with axios to an invalid url on the npm api then writes the error message to the parent of the #get-request-error-handling .result element and logs the error to the console.

Example Axios GET request at

This sends the same GET request again using axios with a couple of headers set, the HTTP Authorization header and a custom header My-Custom-Header.

Example Axios GET request at

The easiest way to make a GET request with Axios is theaxios.get() function.

The first parameter to axios.get() is the URL. For example, below is how you make a GET requestto the URL The 2nd parameter to axios.get() is the Axios options.For example, you don't have to serialize the query string ?answer=42 yourself.

Axios will serializeoptions.params and add it to the query string for you.

The below request is equivalent:. The options parameter is also how you set any request headers. For example,below is how you set the Test-Header header on a GET request.

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GET request using axios with set HTTP headers