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In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to fetch data from a third-party API using Axios.

Table of Contents. Go to your projects directory and create a project by typing this:. Go to the folder:. At first, let’s install Axios by typing this command:. For front-end, we are going to install bootstrap, jQuery, and popper.js. We can install these three by one command:.

We have already installed Bootstrap in our project. Open main.js from src folder using an editor and add these two lines:.

So, the main.js looks like:. Go to src folder and open App.vue file. We are going to import axios and create a get method.

We are going to take dummy data from

We have completed our javascript part.

Anoop ThiruonamAnoop Thiruonam

Then open it and paste this:.


Now let’s run the app:. Visit the project URL http://localhost:8080 and see the output:.

You can download this project from GitHub.

Vue.js Axios is defined as an HTTP client request for the node and the browser.

Axios can be done with simple JavaScript or React and Vue. Axios is an Excellent HTTP library that executes on both client and a server, which makes an API request, does the task to produce the result and specifies easier concepts to read and debug.

Vue.js is the front-end JavaScript Framework to build tools and libraries.

The Axios works well in the platform like node.js and browsers.

Vue.js Axios is a leading framework to Consume REST APIs is easy with them. Here all the example code is executed in Visual Studio Code with Node.js.


Generally, Axios makes HTTP requests like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

The methods includes axios.get() and

Axios has good benefits like supports older versions of browsers, JSON package transformations, and supports the upload process.

The Following working Steps to be followed:. 1.Installation- Axios.

2.Creating Vue.js App to start vue CLI app.

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