Badger E Series Meter Problems

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Utility Water Solutions
  • Q: My Dynasonics meter displays Error code 0010, low signal strength.
  • How do I obtain signal strength?A: Follow the steps below:.
  • Make sure meter is programmed correctly.
  • Apply grease or couplant to the transducer surface and pipe.
  • Make sure pipe is clean, smooth and free of paint.
  • Make sure transducers are spaced properly (info provided after meter is programmed).
  • Make sure pipe is full. On horizontal pipe, place transducers on the side of the pipe.
Commercial & Industrial Solutions
  • On vertical pipe, place transducers on side with flow going from down to up.
  • Q: Why does the Dynasonics meter read negative flow?A: Liquid is moving opposite to the flow direction arrow on the side of the meter.
  • Reposition the meter.
  • Q: Why does the Dynasonics meter read zero when flow is running?A: Verify that the maximum flow rate value is not set to a very high value, which causes the flow cutoff percent entry to drive the reading to zero.
  • Decrease max flow setting OR decrease flow cutoff percentage. Verify that a zero was not entered on page 3 of the calibration screen.
  • Q: Why does the Dynasonics meter signal strength decrease as the flow increases?A: Turbulence could be the cause.