Badger Meter Water Meter Problems

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Utility Water Solutions
  • Having to check your water bill each month is not exactly pleasing, but at least you can estimate the figure roughly.
  • The problem comes when the monthly statement shows that the price is suddenly skyrocketing.
  • Has your family’s water consumption habit turned for the worse, or can it be caused by a broken water meter?
  • The second option is entirely possible, so see if you’re able to detect the Badger water meter problems by this article.
  • A water meter is a tool that measures and informs you about the used water volume.
  • It can be built with gallons unit or cubic feet.
  • If your device falls into the latter category, read below how to read a cubic feet Badger water meter:.
Commercial & Industrial Solutions
  • Look at the water meter’s register.
  • The water meter displays six-digit number series on the register.
  • It is effortless to read the register; you have to look at the number.
  • For instance, if the number shown is 115643, your property has used 111,564 cubic water feet.
  • That being said, most properties are likely to yet to reach hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of water – so you may only need to concentrate on the few last numbers to check the water consumption rate.
  • Look at the water meter’s dial for a more accurate result. You may notice that there’s a red dial inside your water meter, which moves from one number to another.