Best Free 3d Cad Software

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Whether you’re an architect or a product designer, 3D CAD software is a crucial tool to bring your designs to life. The software helps you conceptualize, draw, and draft designs; perform simulation tests for your design projects; and build products through 3D printing.

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However, most 3D CAD software tools are expensive, and if you’re part of a small business or a freelancer, then getting your hands on a premium 3D CAD program may seem like a pipe dream. Fortunately, free 3D CAD tools are always an option when you’re working on a limited budget. This article highlights the seven best free 3D CAD software tools (sorted alphabetically) based on user ratings and reviews.

(Read how we selected these seven products.). See the full list of the best 3D CAD software in Capterra’s software directory. 1 FreeCAD: Supports multiple file formats .

How to choose the best free 3D CAD software

FreeCAD is an open-source 3D modeling software solution that helps architects create production-ready designs and modify them per needs. The software lets you adjust the dimensions of product designs and sketch 2D drawings for small spaces that don’t support 3D modeling. Its parametric modeling feature lets you modify a 3D design by going into the model history and changing its parameters.

It offers a technical drawing module that allows you to generate 2D and 3D views of design models, perform graphical modification operations, and save files in your desired format.

It also provides an integrated spreadsheet to create formula-based models of concepts. FreeCAD offers chat support. It has a desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Collaboration tools. Data import/export.

Document management. Starting price:. Device Compatibility:. Whether you’re a professional architect or designer or someone starting with 3D CAD for the first time, it’s crucial to have the right software for the job.