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If you live in an area that is hit by frequent stormsor power cuts, investing in a whole house generator will be a wise decision. Whatever may cause the power cut, we all know that during this period, we face a lot of problems.

You can’t turn on the AC or the heater, electronic devices don’t work, and you have to live in the darkness at night. Power cuts are bearable if the electricity is gone for a brief amount of time. Today we’ll help you choose the best whole house standby generator so that if you reside in locations where you face long power cuts, then you can be comfortable.

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Best Whole House Standby Generator Reviews. How to Choose the Best Whole House Generator. How Big of a Generator Is Required to Run the Whole House? Almost all of thegenerators you will read about will claim to be perfect in all ways.

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But mostof the time, this is not true. Check out our list of the best whole housegenerator to know what great options you have and which ones perform better. Gas Output: Rated 7500 Watts. Propane Output: Rated 8500 Watts. Noice Label: 59.5dB (From 23 Feet).

Gas Consumption: 139.8 ft3/h @ Full Load. Propane Consumption: 1.5 gal/h @ Full Load. Weight: 386.1lbs. Gas Output: Rated 9000 Watts. Propane Output: Rated 10000 Watts. Noice Label: 75dB (From 23 Feet). Gas Consumption: 169 ft3/h @ Full Load. Propane Consumption: 1.82 gal/h @ Full Load. Gas Output: Rated 10000 Watts. Propane Output: Rated 11000 Watts. Noice Label: 63dB (From 23 Feet).

Gas Consumption: 159 ft3/h @ Full Load. Propane Consumption: 1.97 gal/h @ Full Load. Gas Output: Rated 16000 Watts. Propane Output: Rated 16000 Watts.

Best 2000-Watt Generator

Noice Label: 66dB (From 23 Feet). Gas Consumption: 309 ft3/h @ Full Load. Propane Consumption: 2.94 gal/h @ Full Load. Gas Output: Rated 18000 Watts. Propane Output: Rated 20000 Watts. Noice Label: 69dB (From 23 Feet). Gas Consumption: 281 ft3/h @ Full Load.

Propane Consumption: 3.9 gal/h @ Full Load. Gas Output: Rated 18000 Watts. Propane Output: Rated 20000 Watts. Noice Label: 64dB (From 23 Feet). Gas Consumption: 260 ft3/h @ Full Load. Propane Consumption: 3.75 gal/h @ Full Load. Gas Output: Rated 19500 Watts. Propane Output: Rated 22000 Watts.

Noice Label: 67dB (From 23 Feet). Gas Consumption: 310 ft3/h @ Full Load. Propane Consumption: 3.87 gal/h @ Full Load. Starting Power: 26,250 Watt. Running Power: 17,500 Watt. Noice Label: Not Tested. Operating Time: 10 hours (50% Load). Fuel Tank Size: 16 Gallon. Gas Output: Rated 25000 Watts.

Propane Output: Rated 25000 Watts. Noice Label: 66dB (From 23 Feet). Gas Consumption: 368 ft3/h @ Full Load. Propane Consumption: 4.3 gal/h @ Full Load. Weight: 1063lbs. Gas Output: Rated 30000 Watts. Propane Output: Rated 30000 Watts. Noice Label: 73dB (From 23 Feet). Gas Consumption: 492 ft3/h @ Full Load. Propane Consumption: 5.4 gal/h @ Full Load. Gas Output: Rated 55000 Watts. Propane Output: Rated 60000 Watts.

Noice Label: 68dB (From 23 Feet). Gas Consumption: 682 ft3/h @ Full Load. Propane Consumption: 8.9 gal/h @ Full Load. Weight: 2020lbs. Many of thegenerators that are available today tend not to work in extreme climatesituations. This is quite a bummer because areas that have these extremeconditions are the ones that get the most power outages in the first place. And theChampion 8.5kW, with its ability to work in temperatures rising from -22degrees to 104 degrees, gets rid of that problem.

How to Choose the Best Whole House Generator

There are no warming kitsnecessary, as well. When there is a power outage, this unit startsautomatically.

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Best Whole House Generator Reviews

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Best Whole House Standby Generator Reviews

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An onboard battery charger keeps the unit charged at all times. You also have the freedom to connect the system to both a propane and gas line according to your preference.

When running on propane, the product will give you 8500 watts of power, and when running on gas, you will get 7500 watts.

Propane VS Gas

This is enough to run a small house. Besides theauto-start feature, the generator also performs a self-diagnostic test onitself every week and notifies you about any problems that the system is havingso you can be ready with your power system at all times.

The gull-wingdesign also allows you to easy access to the engine in case you want to checkfor yourself what’s going on, although the control panel does give you athorough view of the control system. Instead of using just a noise-canceling muffler, there is a sound-dampening lining and a low-tone muffler to make the generator one of the quietest ones available.

With 59.5 dBA, you can easily place this beside your house without the product making any sound pollution. Added dampening lining along with a low-tone muffler to cancel noise. Gull-wing design gives you full access to the engine.

How Big of a Generator Is Required to Run the Whole House?

Best Whole House Generator

The unit performs self-diagnostic tests. Runs smoothly in all kinds of temperature. Often we tend to think that small generators have a lower power output. This model is here to prove us wrong. Although this unit is very compact and mini in dimensions and looks almost like a portable generator, the system is capable of providing 10000 rated watts, which is enough to run a small house.

Within secondsof sensing a power outage, this product is ready to get going. The auto-startfeature makes sure that you do not have to wait for more than a minute to getback the power to run your appliances.

Made with high-quality galvanized steel, this product truly is the best standby generator. The exterior protects all the contents inside and keeps the generator looking new and scratch-free. Thisrust-resistant unit can also be placed as close as 18 inches from your home. Pre-installedmufflers make the system soundproof and eliminate any loud noise. In case of afire, the thermally protected fuel system shuts itself down so that there areno severe accidents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can run this model on both a natural gas line andpropane. The 570ccengine is made to be air-cooling as well, so there are no chances ofoverheating. Easily access and control the entire system with the user-friendlycontrol panel. To balance thepower load of your house along with all the high-wattage items in your house,there is a power management 200 amp transfer switch.

This also ensures thatyour family gets uninterrupted and smooth power output. Fast auto-starting option. Made with high quality galvanized steel to protect the generator. Air-cooling 570cc engine. The system automatically shuts down when there is a fire. 200 amp transfer switch balances the power load. Rust-resistant. Generac is one of the brands that you’ll see mentioned quite a few times here.

This is because the brand is well known for making long-lasting, sturdy, and safe standby home generators for all types of houses. And this particular version from the brand is an updated one that is air-cooled and can be permanently connected to your house through an automatic transfer switch. Although you do have to buy this transfer switch separately, this is quite the feature to have.

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Best 3000-Watt Generator

You can run this Generac generator with natural gas or LP (Liquide Propane). Giving you 10kW, this one can easily run a medium-sized household. The enclosure of the generator is corrosion-resistant and made with aluminum.

There is cover access that keeps any snow, rainwater,dust, and debris out of the generator, preventing clogged keyholes. You alsodon’t have to worry about frozen locks as the exterior keeps snow out of theway. A durable generator like this one will last you through any tough weatherconditions.

For ease of use and maintenance, you can connect thesystem to your mobile phone, PC, or tab to keep an eye on the generator fromanywhere in the world. The monitoring system will show you importantinformation like what the battery status is and when the generator needsmaintenance.

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Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About The Best Home Generator

All the history logs, maintenance alerts, and batterymonitoring information are provided to you in any language that you prefer. Can be permanently connected to your home through an automatic transfer switch. The weather-resistant enclosure keeps all debris, dust, snow, and rainwater out of the system. No need to worry about frozen locks and clogged keyholes. Can be connected to your existing gas line.

Stores up to 50 logged activities in history. One thing that bothers most homeowners after they havebought a generator is how often the product needs maintenance. Most of thetime, people also forget about doing this, and this results in the machine notworking properly when you need it to.

This model, powered with a pressure-lubricated engine,decreases the amount of maintenance needed. As the product was made to work intough conditions, this one is quite durable and will last you for years tocome. With a reading of 66dB, noise is something that you canforget about.

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Buying the Best Generator in 2021

Although the mufflers that you already get in this make a verylow noise, you have the option of adding in more store-bought mufflers toeliminate the noise. As the model is made for constant regular use, whilebeing low maintenance, the self-test technology examines the product to see ifanything is wrong. With a true power technology that makes the harmonic distortion less than 5%, you get cleaner energy for your house.

The model is also known to be quite fuel-efficient. But you don’t get an automatic transfer switch with this generator. You need to purchase separately. The exterior of this one is also impressive. Analuminum enclosure with a Rhinocoat powder finish makes the product last longerand stay strong in tough climates.

16000 watts that you get from this generatorwill be enough to run all your necessary appliances smoothly. If you want a generator that will last through anyweather condition and will be able to give you a constant, uninterrupted powersupply, go for this one. Pressure lubricated engine. Low maintenance. Quite enough for any residential neighborhood.

Best Portable Generator for Home Use

EGO Nexus 2000/3000-Watt Power Station

Made for constant and regular use. True power technology decreases harmonic distortion to less than 5%. Aluminum enclosure made with Rhinocoat powder finish. You know you can trust a model for your home when theproduct has been known to serve great in hospitals and schools.

Thanks to thecommercial engine that this one runs on, you can get long hours ofuninterrupted smooth service, making it the best home generator out there. I mean, if itcan run a whole hospital, it can surely run your house.

One of the bestbenefits that you get from generators like these is speed. When there is apower outage, you will have to wait no more than 10 seconds for the generatorto start its magic. This can be quite helpful when watching TV or cooking. The auto-start generator can give you 20000 watts of output. An air-cooled system prevents overheating and keeps all the appliances connected to the unit safe.

10. Briggs and Stratton 40346 Home Standby Generator System – Loudest

How Long Can You Run A Generator Continuously?

You mightthink that a generator this powerful will harm a few of your sensitive electricequipment, but this thing provides clean energy at all times with a lower than5% total harmonic distortion level.

So any computers or TV screens are safewhen connected to the generator. Coming with apre-installed polymer base, this product is ready to be installed.

No need tobuild an extra concrete pad for this generator. The corrosion-proof casting ontop of the product also protects it from any tough weather conditions keepingit looking brand new. Not only does this model have an online tracking system, but the product also has a program to send you text alerts if anything is wrong and requires maintenance.

How To Install A Standby Generator At Home

Great Portability: WEN GN6000 Review

Can get started in under 10 seconds. Corrosion-proof casting keeps the exterior looking fresh, clean and new. Pre-installed polymer base. Can be monitored through your phone. Great for larger homes. Sends you text alerts to let you know if anything is wrong. Providing you with 20000 watts, this generator can easily run a house that is 12,000 square feet.

If you do not need that big of a generator, this is a size that you could consider. One of thereasons this generator is so famous is that it is very safe for your house.

Theproduct is reliable and knows to be one of the least dangerous andaccident-prone generators out there. The NFPA has approved this one to be safeenough to be placed about 20 inches from your house! This is quiteclose and a great option for people who own small lots and do not have thatmuch room to spare.

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Now, you mightthink that placing a whole house generator so close to your home might cause alot of sounds. But Briggs & Stratton has you covered. Even though this isquite a powerful generator, the system is designed to be very quiet, keepingyour comfort in mind.

As this systemwas made, keeping in mind that users would want to place this close to theirhomes, the unit has an air ventilation system so that all the toxic fumes andcarbon monoxide that is produced are blown away from your house. If you wantyou can get an indoor installation, there is a transfer switch that lets you dothat. Can be placed 18 inches from your house.

Perfect for small lot owners. Approved by the NFPA to be safe enough to be placed so close to your house. All the toxic fumes are blown away from your house. Makes no noise at all. A transfer switch allows both indoor and outdoor installation.

Generac 70351 16kW Air-Cooled WiFi Home Standby Generator

Generac 6500/8125-Watt Portable Generator with COSense (GP6500 COSENSE)

Living in a big house with a lot of people means thatyou need a sturdy, powerful and large generator to get you through those toughdark power outage times. The Generac 7043 is just what you need if that is thesituation you are facing.

With a capacity of 22000 watts, you get enough outputto run most of the appliances that you need. No need to make that limited listof appliances that can be plugged into the generator. For ease of use andversatility, this generator can be used on both propane and natural gas. You can connect the generator to your home gas system.

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7. Generac 7031 Guardian Series Home Standby Generator – With New Controller Design

Generac 7043 – 22kW Home Standby Generator

Generac 5735 – GP17500E Portable Home Generator

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